Walking around in Bangkok

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Even though Bangkok has a lot of traffic, it is surprisingly easy to get around on foot. Most streets have at least a little footpath next to them, and many locals commute to work using a combination of the Skytrain and walking or tuk-tuks. Walking around in the blazing sunshine in the middle of the day may be a little too hot for most of us, but in the mornings and evenings, when more of the locals are up and about as well, a little walk can be one of the most enjoyable ways to get to know the city better.

As the traffic in Bangkok can be moving very slowly during the peak traffic hours, walking is not only a fun option because you get to see more, but sometimes an even quicker way of getting from A to B than taking a taxi!

The main areas of the city can be considered generally safe, and one shouldn’t be afraid of venturing around the city. Just make sure to always take care of your valuables, as pick-pocketers are around in all the busy cities when there are very many people walking around. Many of the more local areas provide great photo opportunities, and the colors and smells of all the busy markets will keep all of your senses entertained.

If your feet start getting too tired, you can always stop for a cold drink at a 7-11 or grab some delicious and inexpensive Thai-food from a street vendor. At the end of your walk, you can always zip back home using the taxis, tuk-tuks, or train system. Bangkok is waiting for you to come and explore it!

Some of the interesting areas for walking

Riverfront / Wat Arun Temple

If you are a morning person, one of the great morning views is definitely to be had on the riverfront. You can see Wat Arun temple (Temple of Dawn) and sometimes on a clear morning, the view can be very memorable. Walking along the river, you will also find the locals doing their morning routines; some shopping for groceries, some sipping on coffee. Take your camera with for some vibrant photo opportunities in the soft morning light.


Business people wearing expensive suits and dresses from all ends of the world can be spotted here. Thailand is a big country, and Bangkok is the financial capital of it, and as Silom is the busiest business district here, this is where the money moves. Expensive restaurants, modern high risers, and street planning that makes the area quite nice and walkable, make Siloam a convenient area for a little morning stroll if you are not so worried about seeing tourist attractions. Silom area can be easily accessed from any direction using Bangkok’s excellent Skytrain (BTS) or underground system.

Walking around in Bangkok

Khao San road

Keen to meet some fellow tourists? Head over to Khao San road! While the very street itself may only be a few hundred of meters long, it is so packed with street kitchens, bars, and people wandering around, that one can easily spend a whole evening there getting lost in the flow of traveling people from around the world. We like the street so much that made a whole article about it. Read about Do’s and Dont’s of Khao San Road here.

Siam / Ratchatew

Siam and the bordering area is a nice combination of cheaper shopping, local people, and up-market shopping malls with designer brands from all around the world. Baiyoke tower is well worth a visit too for the most amazing sunset views and a drink: a lift up to the sky deck at 302 meters elevation and a cocktail of your preference -package is sold at less than 10 Euros. Between the tower and the Siam Paragon shopping center, there are little shacks and shops by the walking paths, selling anything and everything from fake running shoes to tailor-made suits, and everything is priced low (and further negotiable, especially if you speak some Thai).

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