Vietnam is welcoming international students for the Autumn

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You can now apply for study abroad programs in Vietnam

This blog post specifically lays out the current circumstance in Vietnam and the reasons why Vietnam is prepared to welcome mobility students this Autumn 2021, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the possibility of some unforeseen changes, we recommend staying updated with the news about travel restrictions to Vietnam as well as guidelines from your home country and the Vietnamese government.

Vietnam city life
Are you interested in studying abroad in Vietnam?

Study in Ho Chi Minh City this Autumn 2021

Asia Exchange ecstatic to announce that the application for the Autumn 2021 semester in Vietnam is finally open! Furthermore, applicants will get a limited 100 EUR discount on the tuition fee.

Our outstanding partner university in Vietnam, Foreign Trade University, is the best choice for those who aspire to sharpen their skills and understanding in International Business Management, Finance, Business Economics, Banking, and Logistics. Through lectures taught in English, interactive workshops, and excursions, the program gives you a strong understanding of the study fields mentioned above.

The university is located in Ho Chi Minh, previously known as Saigon, which happens to be the largest city in Vietnam by territory and the economic centre of the country. Study at the Foreign Trade University and experience the daily life of Vietnam’s central business district (CBD).

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Ever since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak back in 2020 up until the present day, the Vietnamese government has been very determined in combating the pandemic. The government struck countermeasures against the pandemic quickly. These included closing the country borders right away, conducting rampant tests for its citizens, and having dogged campaigns on how the citizens can protect themselves from the virus. For instance, they have emphasized the importance of wearing masks, avoiding crowds, or washing hands often.

The result? The pandemic in Vietnam has been well controlled. Consequently, the infection rate, as well as the number of deaths with only 35, are low. Even though the global economy has declined in 2020, but Vietnam’s economy still grew 2.4% due to the country’s successful actions in stopping the spread of thevirus.

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Vietnam is now open for international students


To smoothen your study abroad semesters, you need to be well-prepared and find out what necessary procedures you need to be aware of in your study abroad destination. Luckily, the Foreign Trade University itself will process the VISA and an entry permit for you. Once you submit your application to enroll at FTU, you simply need to wait for the university to send the necessary documents, which you need to present at the airport later.

Before departing, students need to complete their COVID Test beforehand. Once arriving in Vietnam, you have to quarantine for 28 days. The student will have to arrange and pay for the 28 days quarantine by themselves. Students have to stay in a quarantine facility that is approved by the government during the first 14 days. For the other 14 days, students can choose to stay in any accommodation of their choice, such as in a hotel, dorm, family, relative, or a friend’s house for isolation.


After completing the 28 days quarantine, you can now enjoy a breeze of fresh air outside and start exploring the city. Thanks to the country’s successful control of the Covid-19 pandemic, all public places and facilities such as shopping centres, city parks, restaurants, and bars are open as normal. There are many things that Ho Chi Minh City got to offer, from the unique historical and architectural sites, modern shopping malls, or rich Vietnamese culture.

When you’re exploring the city, please always wear your mask. Even though it has become a normal sight to see many Vietnamese go out and about without masks due to the very low to almost none confirmed cases within the country. Especially in a big city like Ho Chi Minh where the populations are very high and thus large crowds are pretty much everywhere, you should always #wearyourmask. The government has issued a regulation to fine people who do not wear masks up to 3 million VND (up to 100 EURO).

Ho Chi Minh City
Explore the bustling city Ho Chi Minh

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This blog post was written by our International Coordinator Nadira