Top 7 Study Abroad Destinations for Autumn 2021

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Where can I study in autumn 2021 despite the pandemic?

This blog post only refers to the travel restrictions in effect in the countries at the time this article was published. All study abroad programs will most likely run in the fall of 2021. Conditions can change quickly. Therefore, we recommend you follow the news and stay informed about travel restrictions and guidelines from your home country and your future host country. Also, we advise looking up the websites of your embassy and Word Health Organization. If you decide to study abroad in one of these places, find out what you need to do to get in and what the rules are there.

Click here to find an overview of the COVID-19 cases in the country of your choice.

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Study in the most popular study abroad program 2021

1. South Korea, Seoul

Since this whole pandemic, South Korea has handled the covid-19 situation well. Therefore, it is our number one study abroad destination in 2021. Consequently, international students can continue to study abroad in South Korea. The Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, as well as Hanyang University, welcome exchange students in 2021. You will meet people from all over the world and immerse yourself in a foreign culture. However, the university courses may be online.

Furthermore, South Korea offers excellent education, cultural richness and a variety of free-time activities. For instance, Karaoke, shopping malls, lovely Cafés and the most delicious street food are just a few. Therefore, we believe South Korea is the perfect study destination in 2021!

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2. Costa Rica, San José

Are you a student and you are experiencing wanderlust? Then do not miss the opportunity to study in a foreign country! If you want to grow academically, improve your Spanish skills, or explore breathtaking nature, Costa Rica is the perfect study abroad destination for you. The good news are,Costa Rica is welcoming everyone, including tourists, since November 1, 2020.

The capital San José is the gateway for Costa Rica adventures and the location of The Latin American University of Science and Technology. You will be taking full advantage of the city life while having the opportunity to travel the country. Costa Rica is not only the happiest country in the world but also the most economic friendly country. The Pura Vida lifestyle will make you fall in love with the people and the country!

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Vietnam has opened its borders for international students

3. Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh

The next study abroad destination for autumn 2021 is Vietnam, which recently opened its borders for incoming students. Vietnam is a country of rapid growth and ancient culture, a confusing yet stunning cocktail of seemingly contradicting realities. While its bustling capital Ho Chi Minh City, former Saigon, is one of the fastest developing cities in South East Asia, Vietnam’s nature is diverse and fascinating.

Vietnam has all the ingredients for an unforgettable adventure. With its majestic landscapes, two climatic zones and distinct geographical regions it truly offers something for everyone: its densely forested mountains in the North, the grand Mekong delta in the South, its rolling hills and tropical lowlands. And to top it all off – Vietnam has a breathtakingly beautiful coastline reaching from its border to China in the North to the country’s border to Cambodia in the West.

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4. Thailand, Bangkok

Thailand has been already among the most popular countries to study abroad before COVID-19 had hit the world. Did you know that it is ranked 1st in Asia and 3rd in the world as a top destination for study abroad? Luckily, international students can still spend their exchange semester or a full degree in Thailand.

The capital, Bangkok, is one of the most thrilling cities in whole Asia – if not the world. That is where the five partner universities of Asia Exchange are located. The city never sleeps and you will not get bored easily. Besides the endless urban opportunities, you can explore the paradise beaches and stunning nature. Go snorkeling, book a boat trip or go for a hike!

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5. Italy, Sardinia

Due to its isolated location as the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia was not that much affected by COVID-19. Thus, students are still able to apply for a semester abroad in Sardinia, Italy.The University of Cagliari, in the caprital of Sardinia, is one of the oldest universities in the wolrd. So, what about spending one or two semsters there?

The Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and white sand are not the only reason for Sardinia’s popularity. The people are welcoming, and the culture is fascinating with its colourful festivals, vibrant towns, local traditions and historical sights. Moreover, the mountains, national parks and the underwater world make Sardinia a destination worth studying.

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6. Portugal, Lisbon

Portugal has faced difficulties during the pandemic but managed to battle the latest wave of COVID-19 successfully. The study abroad programs run as usual, besides the lectures being most likely offline. That is why we think Lisbon is a great option for your studies abroad. The European University of Lisbon awaits you!

Portugal lies by the Atlantic Ocean which you will recognize in the Atlantic charm of the culture and kitchen in Portugal. The weather attracts people from all over the world even during winter. The capital, Lisbon, is known for the beautiful old city with its pastel-coloured houses. The city is one of the most popular cities to study abroad in Europe. Consequently, Lisbon is a young, international and vibrant city with a laid back atmosphere.

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7. Ireland, Dublin

There are many reasons why Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is among the top study abroad destinations for years. It has not changed during the pandemic. We are happy to tell you that you can still apply for study abroad programs in Ireland, for instance at the American College Dublin.

Ireland is the perfect destination to improve your English while studying abroad. While the countryside offers unique places to visit, the capital offers various activities. Go to the pub, learn at coffee shops, visit the museum and find out more about Ireland’s interesting history! Dublin is a lively student city with more than 100,000 students. Meet new people from all over the world and experience the Irish flair.

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Explore Dublin and the countryside of Ireland

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