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What can you do in your free time as a student in Bali?

There are countless articles about “Things to do in Bali” but being a student on the Island of Gods is quite different to coming here as a tourist for a 2-week-holiday only. Usually, the budget is way smaller, but therefore the students have a lot more time to figure out the best prices. So many things to do and see. There is one problem though, where should you start your adventure and what is really worth it to see? About 8 months ago, I arrived in this beautiful destination, enough time to explore almost everything in and around the island. In this article, I want to share my personal favorite spots and activities with you.

1. Explore the island with a scooter

No Scooter? No Bali! The most convenient and flexible way to explore this lovely island is to rent a scooter. Once you´ve left the busy capital Denpasar, with its crazy traffic, behind you, you can enjoy the freedom of being independent and stop wherever you want. Driving through beautiful rice paddies, remote villages and the winding roads in the hilly north of Bali is an amazing experience and feels like pure adventure as you´re not knowing what´s waiting behind the next corner.

guy have everything on his motorbyke, aqua bottle, surfboard, helmet and smile

2. Snorkel the reefs of Indonesia

Bali and the nearby islands are great places to snorkel and dive. Explore the fascinating underwater world and dive into the unique marine wildlife. So many beautiful things are waiting to be seen. There are corals, clownfish starfish and all kinds of other marine wildlife.

Some of the most beautiful areas for diving and snorkeling around Bali are Menjangan Island (northwest of Bali), Tulamben and Amed (northeast Bali). Don´t miss out the chance to swim with the fascinating Manta Rays in Nusa Penida or the peaceful Sea Turtles around the Gili Islands.

a guy playing with manta ray in bali diving spot

3. Go to the local fish market in Jimbaran

People, who like seafood, will love Bali for sure. One of the cheapest and most adventurous ways to get your catch of the day is either to go out with one of the local fishermen in the morning or to go straight to the local fish market, close to Jimbaran harbor. Don´t let the strong smell and the unusual conditions dissuade you from going there, as the fish on this market is probably the freshest you can get unless you catch it yourself. Choose between the countless diversity of delicious seafood, take your favorite fish to one of the nearby restaurants and enjoy your cheap delicacy right at the beachfront. This will certainly be an unforgettable experience and a high-class meal, which suits every student´s budget.

fish market in bali
restaurant on the beach in jimbaran, bali, indonesia

4. Learn to surf

It´s hard to stay in Bali for a longer period of time without hearing people talking about their latest surf session, the current surf or the latest surfer news. It is the main free time activity in Bali, no matter if you´re young or old, tourist or long-term, local or foreigner. The beaches around Kuta might offer the perfect conditions for first-timers as they provide some descend waves and a smooth sandy ground. Also, advanced surfers get their money´s worth at several spots that offer great waves and even attract all the famous brands of this sport, like RIPCURL, Billabong, Quicksilver or Roxy for annual events and competitions.

surf spot in uluwatu, bali, indonesia

5. Climb one of the volcanos for sunrise

One of the most beautiful and challenging things to do here is to climb one of the volcanos in and around Bali, to see the sunrise. There are a few different options, with different levels of difficulty, so everyone should be able to find a suitable way to enjoy this natural spectacle, according to their fitness level. Mount Batur is the shortest and easiest option, followed by a more challenging 6-hour-hike to the top of Mount Agung. For the real adventurers among you, a 4-day-trip to Mount Rinjani in Lombok would be a true challenge to push yourself to new limits. Regardless which option you choose, it will definitely be worth the effort! So get up and reward yourself with a beautiful sunrise above the clouds!

two girl making a heart shape with their arms on top of batur mountain in bali, indonesia
asia exchange students hiking on rinjani mountain
camping on top of rinjani mountain

Some more useful hints:

Mingle with the locals and become friends with them. That´s basically the best advice I can give you. Not only, that you will learn the language way faster than just during the classes at the university, you will also get some first-hand-knowledge, access to hidden spots and of course, you will get the best prices for any activity. Furthermore, it´s a lot of fun to hang out with them because as far as I can tell you from my experience, they´re very kind and fun people.

teenager in seeds of hope

Book your trips with as you will most likely get the best prices and low-cost rates for students on this website. A broad choice of activities, combined with good service to reasonable prices will be the perfect way to start your Bali adventures.

This article was written by a former Asia Exchange employee in Bali

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