Top 5 Reasons to Study in Vietnam

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Reasons to choose Vietnam as a study abroad destination

Bustling Vietnam is definitely something different compared to many western countries.The former French colony has arts, culture, history, and architecture. If you’re thinking about which destination to choose or if you are hesitant about whether to choose Vietnam as your study abroad destination or not, you definitely want to have a look at these 5 reasons below.


Vietnam’s nature is extremely versatile. The country has two climate zones and landscape varies from mountains to beaches. In addition to tropical climate you can also experience cold air in the north. You get the best of both worlds. National parks, limestone pinnacles, sand dunes and beautiful archipelago are just few examples of natural wonders of Vietnam!

Halong Bay is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam. Photo by Ammie Ngo / CC BY

A lot to do on your free time

Vietnam has convenient location in South-East Asia next to Mekong river and something for everyone. You can stroll around megacities Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi or relax on a paradise island Phu Quoc. You can sail around Halong Bay or visit Hoi An ancient town, two of eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in Vietnam. It’s easy to travel by land to nearby countries like Cambodia, Laos or our study destination Thailand. Domestic and international flights are also cheap. You definitely won’t feel bored after classes! There will be a lot to choose for your weekend or holiday itinerary.

Beautiful Hoi An is an ancient town in Vietnam to explore. Photo by Toomas Tartes / CC BY


Foreign Trade University is one of Vietnam’s top universities in Ho Chi Minh City and it has a good reputation across Asia. The university has plenty of courses to choose from the fields like business, finance and economics. It is also very beneficial and eye-opening to experience education system and studying methods in a different country. Studying in Vietnam gives you the amazing opportunity to develop your skills and start to build or expand your international network.

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You can choose courses from many different fields when studying in Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo by Debbie HudsonCC BY


Even though tourism grows especially in Asia and prices tend to get higher in many places, Vietnam is still one of the most affordable countries in Asia. You can find inexpensive meals for less than 2 euros! Like in everywhere in the world you can spend as much or as little as you like. The amount of money you need for living depends on of course what kind of food you want eat and what standard of accommodation you want to stay in. Wallet friendly options regarding accommodation and traveling around are easily found.

Living on a shoestring budget is easy in Vietnam. Photo by Niels Steeman / CC BY

Delicious cuisine

Local food in Vietnam is delicious and healthy options are also available. Street food, fine dining and international fast food chains – take your pick! Vietnamese cuisine include popular dishes like Pho (noodle soup) and Bánh mì (filled sandwich). There are small street restaurants with plastic tables and chairs everywhere to enjoy little snacks. The best part is you need to spend only few coins to get your tummy filled with these treats!

Vietnamese food is tasty and you can find plenty of healthy meal options. Photo by Frankie / CC BY

Vietnam is the newest addition to Asia Exchange’s study abroad destinations. If you would like to experience life from a different perspective and have insights of a new culture, this experience is for you!

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This article was written by our destination intern, Noora!

Table of Contents

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