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How to take a break from Busan’s city life and relax!

When you think of South Korea, the first city that comes to mind is most likely Seoul. However, Korea has many other cities that are worth visiting. One of the cities you should put on your bucket list is undeniably Busan! As South Korea’s second-largest city and one of the most popular holiday destinations across Asia, Busan can be very busy. The city is located on the southeast coast of the Pacific Ocean in the Yeongnam Region and is only a 2.5-hour ride away from Seoul. As a city of contrast, Busan connects the vast Pacific Ocean and the picturesque background scenery of impressive mountains.
On the one hand, Busan’s economic strength as South Korea’s largest port and home to 3.4 million people defines big city life. On the other hand, Busan is a haven for over 7 million tourists per year. Consequently, Busan has endless opportunities for leisure activities and relaxation. We have collected our top 3 recharging activities for you!

busan city mountains view skyline south korea
Busan is located where the ocean meets the mountains

1. Explore and relax at Busan’s Beaches

As Busan extends along the coastline, there are many beaches to visit! Haeundae Beach is the most popular beach among all of them. The sandy beach is 1.5 kilometres long and up to 50 meters wide and get’s very crowded during the summer season. Tourists love the beach for its shallow waters and perfect swimming conditions. Moreover, Haenduae hosts several events during the year. The ideal place to enjoy the holiday feeling!

We also recommend a beach day at Songdo Beach, which was recently reconstructed for the perfect holiday experience with fountains, an overpass, and a lovely promenade with shops and restaurants close by. Gwangalli Beach also has many bars and a view of the modern Gwangandaegyo Bridge. Dadaepo Beach is perfect for families with children due to the shallow sea. But fun water sports offers to attract everyone who fancies some action. You can try kiteboarding, rent a SUP, and much more. In addition, the beautiful construction of a coastal park and walking paths invite you to stroll along the ocean.

beach Busan South Korea
Gwangalli Beach with the view of the Gwangandaegyo Bridge

2. Try out fun water activities

When you want a break from Busan’s city life, there is no better way than engaging in fun water activities. You can find all sorts of water sports along the coastline, but we recommend going to Gwangalli Beach. There you can choose between several options and find out what suits you most. If you want to rent equipment, go to the Gwangalli Leports Centre at the south end of the beach.

How about renting a Kayaking with your friends to explore the bays? Or challenge your balance skills by going for a Stand-Up Paddle Board. When it is too windy, it is a great chance to book a windsurfing course. The shallow waters of Busan make it easy for beginners. If you want more action, why not try out wakeboarding or water-skiing? We bet you will love it! Additionally, taking a ride with a banana boat is always a great group activity. As if this is not enough, you can also enjoy a 60 minutes yacht cruise. However, if you want to learn surfing in Busan, you should visit Songjeong Beach.

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Songjeong Beach Busan South Korea girl surfing city
Songjeong Beach (credits: Julia Otto, German exchange student in South Korea)

3. Visit Busan’s calming Parks

Due to Busan’s beautiful location between the ocean and the mountains, the parks are the perfect way to enjoy the surroundings. According to a legend, gods and goddesses once came to relax at the cliffs of Taejongdae Park. The rock formations and caves have been shaped over the years from the ocean. Walking on the paths through the forest is the perfect way to recharge. You can also take the train to Taejongdae Observatory and Yeongdo Coastal Culture Space.

When in Busan, you should take the escalator to the summit of Yongdusan Park. There you can enjoy breathtaking views from the mountain. From here, you can see the giant port, the Pacific Ocean, and an idyllic pine forest. Have a look at the impressive statute of admiral Yi Sun Sin and many other monuments which remind of Busan’s long-gone history. Yongdusan Mountain earned its name because of the shape of its peak, which looks like a dragon’s head.

In April 1996, Amnam Park, a military-protected territory, opened to the public as a natural park. Amnam Park and Dudo Park, a well-known sea fishing location, link to Songdo, where tourists can witness a beautiful landscape with seagulls, the city’s emblem, and a peaceful view of Yeongdo Island in the background. Amnam Park is a coastal ecological park on the Songdo coast. You can visit the observatory, enjoy a walk along the almost 4 km long promenade, drink a coffee at the roadside café or try raw fish at a restaurant with a panoramic outlook.

Take a break from the city life and breathe fresh ocean air paired with the smell of pine forests

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