Tips On- How To Fully Immerse Yourself To The Vietnamese Culture?

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FIND OUT the BEST WAYS TO explore the vietnamese culture

Vietnam is a country with a powerful history and a vibrant culture. The Vietnamese culture is a blend of old and new, with a frantic city life and a tranquil countryside. Ho Chi Minh City is a center of a growing economy, but there are also many other surprising cities worth visiting. Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is Vietnam’s largest city, with a population of close to 9 million. HCMC is the center of a growing economy and industry. It is also Vietnam’s most important seaport. The city’s main attractions are its diverse career opportunities, infrastructure, and blend of history and modern lifestyle.

 Ho Chi Minh city is a center of growing economy. Picture by Tron Le

Unlimited amount of things to do

HCMC was the capital of Southern Vietnam between the years 1954-1976. During those years, the city was better known as Saigon. It is an intriguing city with two sides. Saigon takes you back to the past and Ho Chi Minh City reaches towards the future.

Ho Chi Minh City is lively and energetic 24/7. They are constantly building new things and constructing existing areas. There are many opportunities to experience the culture and the history of Vietnam. The French colonial architecture, vibrant markets and street food stalls are what the city is best known for. Vietnam War has also greatly shaped the Vietnamese history.

 The vivid city life continues after sunset. Picture by Sheep

You can visit different temples, explore the Cu Chi Tunnels, visit countrysides in the historic Saigon or even take a day trip to see the floating markets. You can immerse yourself to the Vietnamese food culture by signing up to a cooking class or perhaps taking a street food tour. There is an unlimited amount of things to do if you just look a little further.

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Artur Nguyen, 24, from Ukraine lived a year in Hanoi and five years in Ho Chi Minh City. In HCMC he studied at the Foreign Trade University. He got to witness and experience the Vietnamese culture in a completely different way. Artur tells that during his time in Vietnam, he was able to visit almost all cities and visit many different attractions.

“Living and studying in Asia is a great opportunity to explore new exotic cultures and expand your perspectives. Compared to Europe, Asia is a market with a bunch of different perspectives and innovations.”

Exploring the culture gives you a better understanding of the local life. Picture by Loifotos

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Learning basics of Vietnamese language

One way to immerse yourself to the Vietnamese culture is to at least learn the basics of Vietnamese language. Many people in Vietnam speak English but it varies between places. It is good to know how to order food in a restaurant and basic conversation and courtesy language.

“In general, Vietnamese is not a difficult language to learn compared to languages that require a huge number of characters and clear calligraphy. Also, the system of sentence writing is quite simple”, tells Artur.

Knowing the basics of Vietnamese language is a useful skill. Picture by Nguyen Thu Hoai

Exploring other cities in vietnam

Even though there are plenty of things to do in Ho Chi Minh City, there is also easy access from HCMC to various different cities around Vietnam. One of these cities that you should definitely consider visiting is Da Nang.

It has the same French colonial nuances that Ho Chi Minh City does, but because it’s located on the coast, there are beautiful white sand beaches and breathtaking scenery. Sights worth visiting are Marble Mountains where you can find pagoda temples and caves, Ba Na Hills and Golden Bridge.

If you want to travel fast, it only takes one hour and twenty minutes by plane but if you are in no hurry, it is suggested to travel by train since you get to admire the beautiful scenery. The train ride takes around 16 hours.

 The Golden Bridge in Da Nang is a famous attractions in Vietnam. Picture by Andreea Popa


VIETNAMESE LIFE IS The best of both worlds

Artur also suggests to visit cities such as Mui Ne and Dalat. Mui Ne is filled with white sand beaches where you can just enjoy the palm trees, sun and ocean. Instead, Dalat is a city with fresh mountain air, Western stone houses, waterfalls and temples. It also has big coffee and tea plantations.

A good way to get the best of both worlds is to travel from HCMC to Mui Ne which is about a four hour car ride away and then drive from Mui ne to Dalat which is around three hours. Who would think that there are two such different cities so close to each other?

In Vietnam, there is a perfect balance between paradise and city life. Picture by Ammie Ngo

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