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If you arrived here to read about the recent UFO sighting, the video of the aliens taking off is on our INSTAGRAM .

Asia Exchange students in Bali gathered to welcome the newest exchange students from Maffei 1 galaxy. See the unbelievable video-footage of the visitation HERE.

For those who were looking to read more about Campus Chill Out Day in Bali, please continue reading..

Getting to know other students while on exchange can sometimes be a little tricky for some people. You are in a new country, don’t necessarily know anyone, and might even be a little shy having to use your second language. On top of all this, only that many of the students share classes with you so you only really ever get to see the students that you do attend the same classes with. As one of the most important parts of making the most out of your exchange semester are the friends you make, it is good to remember to take advantage of all the events that give you a chance to meet more people!

Udayana University BIPAS campus was looking mighty fine on the Campus Chill Out Day – warm and sunny with a nice little ocean breeze.

Every semester a Campus Chill Out Day is organized at Udayana University to bring together students from different exchange programs and from local degree programs so that they would get a better chance to actually meet each other, on campus. 2016 fall semester’s Chill Out Day went down under nice partially cloudy weather and with some sweet tunes from a talented Balinese musician Gede Bagus. Some of the students were enjoying Pisang Goreng (fried banana) and some other local treats that were available.

Amazingly taleneted Balinese musician Gede Bagus was providing the tunes all day.

The staff and interns from Udayana University did a big effort pulling everything together, and making the day run smoothly – thank you each and everyone who participated in planning and organizing the event! Huge thank you goes also to our friends at local non-profit organizations BAWA, and Role Foundation for participating in the Campus Chill Out day! See you again next year!

Puppies!!! Bali Animal Welfare Association was participating on the Chill Out Day for the first time. BAWA is a non-profit organization based in Bali, working to save, protect and improve lives of all animals in Bali and beyond. Especially the number of homeless dogs, and street dogs being mistreated has been a huge concern of late, and we’re hoping that some of our students can help BAWA one way or another. One should not adopt a dog, unless one is ready to bring him or her with them when a semester ends, but sometimes BAWA needs temporary foster parents for small puppies, so that may be something an exchange student can look into besides donating to help with this good cause. Thank you for joining us BAWA – we are looking forward to seeing you again next year!

Table of Contents

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