The Best Places to Visit While Studying Abroad in Italy

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Do you want to study abroad in Italy? Then don’t miss out on these places!

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for students of all ages. You’ll develop many skills during your experience and build confidence in yourself. The only thing standing between you and a plane ticket is choosing where you’ll study. When studying in Italy, there are so many beautiful places to visit. So don’t miss out on some recommended places and tips on the application process.

How to apply for Studying Abroad

Even though study abroad programs are available for most students, the application process is often time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. However, with Beyond Abroad, students can apply in the most affordable, safest, and most convenient way possible! You don’t need to undergo interviews, write resumes or have a certain GPA. When you apply to study abroad in Italy through Beyond abroad, you only need to fill out the online application and confirm your study placement as fast as 24 hours! Beyond Abroad works closely with its partner universities, and the Student Support Service supports students during the application process where needed. This way, the optimized student-friendly application process is much faster and safer than standard study abroad programs.

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cagliari, italy, europe-UNIVERSITY OF CAGLIARI outdoor
The old streets in Cagliari

Places to visit while studying in Italy

Italy is steeped in history and culture, and several cities are not to be missed while studying abroad.


You can’t miss out on Rome while studying abroad in Italy. It’s the center of many historical events that changed the world. It also has art museums, Michelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel, and the Colosseum, which you’ve probably seen in many movies. Don’t forget to try some of the foods that can only be found in Michelin-starred restaurants in Rome.


Stop by Viareggio if you’re daydreaming about joining new cultural festivals while in Italy. The seaside town has numerous carnivals year-round, such as the Carnevale di Viareggio, which has five parades just before Easter. You can stroll miles of beaches between citywide events and lounge at sectioned-off lounge chairs and tables. Shops and small restaurants line the streets no matter where you are, so you’ll always have access to delicious foods and great sales.


Take a break from reading study abroad preparation guides and consider exploring Venice during your trip. It’s the heartbeat of Italy because it’s known as a romantic destination. You can ride one of the famous gondolas down canals to visit shops, museums and restaurants. It’s also an excellent destination for anyone with an eye for architecture. St. Mark’s Basilica will inspire you to draw elements of history into all your future creations.


Anyone who wants a small-town feel to a big city will love stopping by Florence while studying abroad in Italy. It’s nestled in the Tuscan valley, and each avenue spills over with life, culture and community. You’ll love strolling across the Vecchio Bridge, which originates from the year 996 and possibly existed even before then. Colourful shops are built into the bridge and expand off the sides, making it an incredible site for anyone used to modern architecture.


There’s a reason tourists and celebrities visit Capri every year — it’s a stunning destination with deep blue waters you can’t see anywhere else. Take a boat out to the Grotta Azzurra or jump in the waves at the Marina Grande when you need a break from exams and studying. Cliffside hotels and oceanfront restaurants line the city because people can’t get enough of the view. Snap a few pictures while you’re there so you never forget your time there.


Sardinia is one of Italy’s most beautiful destinations, so visiting its capital city Cagliari, when you study in Italy, is a must! Beyond Abroad allows you to study abroad inCagliari for a semester or more. Therefore, besides taking classes at the University Cagliari, one of the oldest Universities in the world, the student town is the perfect place to experience Italian culture, join traditional festivities, eat delicious food or enjoy the nightlife. You can explore the old city with it’s rich history and stunning architecture while drinking a cappuccino in one of the lovely cafes. Or you can explore the island’s several beaches with turquoise water and white sand. For everyone who likes action, there are plenty of watersports offers such as surfing and snorkeling. The mountains and ruins from centuries ago are also worth a hike!

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landscape view over Cagliari
Landscape view over Cagliari while studying in Italy

Benefits of Studying Abroad

There are many reasons to study abroad beyond indulging in your passion for adventure. Future employers will note your multicultural experience and consider you a more competitive applicant because you’ll know how to communicate with more people. You’ll also practice a second language, which might help you land a job that requires bilingual skills. Travelling introduces you to new cultures that help you learn about identity outside your home country.

Plan Your Study Abroad Future and study abroad in Italy

There are many places to visit while studying abroad in Italy. Applying to study abroad in Italy is straightforward and convenient, so you can start daydreaming about all those places in no time. Having a plan about what you want to see while studying abroad is a great possibility to get the best out of every day. However, always be prepared to be spontaneous. So many new cool but unexpected opportunities will appear while you study abroad and will make your experience more valuable.

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Table of Contents

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