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Studying in Thailand opened up new perspectives for Marie

Hi! I’m Marie, I’m 22, and I’m a French International Management student. From January to May 2021, I studied in Bangkok, Thailand, at Siam University. This semester abroad was part of my program in France and was mandatory. But many of the students didn’t go because of COVID-19. However, my stubbornness and my determination to go abroad were much higher than the scariness of it not happening. It is my third semester abroad and the third year in a row. I previously studied in Canada and Poland, so I am used to the adrenaline of going abroad. I feel like it’s how my life should be, traveling all the time. Yet, it is supposed to be my last semester abroad, as I am in my first year of my master’s degree. So how better to end these adventures than by going to Thailand?

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Thailand was the best decision

Thailand was the most incredible adventure I have ever experienced. I guess this is why I decided to go there. Culturally speaking, it was also the most challenging experience for me, as Asia is the exact opposite of my culture. I got the opportunity to visit so many places and see multiple different sceneries that convinced me that I made the best choice ever by going abroad.

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University in Thailand

Siam University is an excellent university in Bangkok, Thailand. I feel sad because I never got the opportunity to have my courses there due to Covid-19. However, I went there for administrative paperwork a few times, and I loved going there. I had to buy a uniform, even though I never got the opportunity to wear it. It is always made of a white shirt and a black/navy skirt for females and pants for males. Even though it is a uniform, you can still choose the form, the cut and the length of your clothes.

Students can choose their courses among a few dozens of classes. The professors at the university are great teachers. They encouraged their students to think instead of memorizing. Moreover, they showed us their knowledge each week and always tried to help us to understand their courses. We understood that it was not about the grade but the understanding of the concepts. And surprisingly (or not), I had way better grades than in France.

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COVID-19 in Thailand

Regarding Covid-19 in Thailand, it was also very different than in France. I felt like I was in another world where Covid didn’t exist. When I arrived in Thailand, there were no restrictions except wearing a mask. Everything was under control, and there were 50 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic one year before. As I said earlier, Thais are concerned about other people’s health, so they always wear their mask and have hand sanitizer. It only got complicated when I came home. The situation got a little bit out of control in Thailand, where we counted 7000 cases the day before my flight. It was challenging to find information and news in English regarding Covid, so we asked our professors about it. They told us about the situation in Thailand and Bangkok specifically.

Differences between Thailand and France

Many people ask me what the differences between France and Thailand are. And I feel perplexed because I don’t see anything the two countries have in common. Bangkok is a place where the rich and poor live in perfect harmony. More generally, Thailand is a place where people don’t look askance at others. They are collective-oriented and always think of others. I was so surprised about how people show discipline to keep order and organization in the collective life. For instance, when they are queuing to enter public transportation-, or don’t speak loud to avoid bothering other people.

I felt so respected and in an environment full of good values. The personality of Thais is also incredible and made me realize that Western cultures evolved in a critical direction. Indeed, in Thailand, in the beginning, I had the same personality as in France, i.e., impatient, stressed, straightforward, always in a rush. I used to plan my life from A to Z, knowing what studies I will do, what job I will do, etc., and I just realized planning was not necessary and that you have to take the opportunities offered to you. People in Thailand are so patient, they never get angry, and they always try to please and help you. It forced me to do some introspection about myself and rethink my behaviours.


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Bangkok awaits you!

Final personal thoughts

I honestly still cannot believe I went to Thailand and visited the most beautiful islands there. When I think about it, it seems like a dream. And I always have a big smile on my face when I think about this adventure. This experience changed me in a good way. I value little things in life, and I feel less stressed and impatient. I now truly believe that what has to happen will happen, so no need to stress about it.

I will finish this blog post by saying that travelling is the only thing you pay for and makes you richer.

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This blog post was written by our intern, Marie.
Table of Contents

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