Thailand Stole Former Student Krista’s Heart!

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From backpacking to studying in Thailand

When Krista backpacked in Southeast Asia in 2010, she could not have foreseen that she would one day find herself living and studying in Thailand. Southeast Asia and Thailand stole her heart! Working in a bank back in Finland was no longer as appealing as living in the heart of a big and bustling metropolis like Bangkok. 

Girl posing for the camera with monks by the river in Bangkok

During backpacking, Krista thought how nice it would be to live in Asia for a while. As she did not study abroad during her bachelor’s, she became intrigued by the idea of doing her master’s abroad. She chose to look for degree studies in Asia, as the tuition fees were cheaper there, and she had already fallen in love with the local food and culture. A visit to a local travel agency led Krista to contact Asia Exchange that offered her a possibility to complete MBA studies at the Siam University in Thailand.

A picture of the name plate of Siam University written in Thai and English and a golden symbol on top in Bangkok.. You can study in some of the best universities in Asia for a cheap price. Photo by Asia Exchange / CC BY

Krista started her MBA studies in June 2013. The studies at Siam University consisted of International Business studies with core courses and elective courses. Krista enjoyed the elective courses especially as she could choose the most interesting topics for her. She ended up taking courses that dealt with business and entrepreneurship in Asia, as she wanted to learn more about business in the area she was living in.

A boat with tourists is sailing on a light blue sea towards an island in Thailand. During her study Krista visited a lot of places in South East Asia and many islands in Thailand! Photo by Yap Chin Kuan / CC BY

As a Finn, Krista was used to studying independently, and at first, it was a bit of a shock to do so many group assignments and presentations. After a while, she became used to the collective study methods and presentations that were always held in English. Krista completed her MBA studies in 2 years, and during that time she had also visited all the countries in South East Asia and many of the islands in Thailand too.

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After her studies, Krista decided to stay abroad. She was working in Poland with international co-workers for a year and a half. Now, when she is back in Finland, employers are really interested in her international experience and knowledge. From Krista’s experience, international experience is highly appreciated among employers, and international experience was actually one of the requirements for her current job in international business.

Gain international experience and increase your changes on the job market.

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