Learn Korean while studying abroad in South Korea

Are you a K-pop fan? Do you like to binge-watch K-drama? Or perhaps you just love Korean food! The Korean culture is fascinating and the interest in Korea is growing dramatically. Consequently, Korean language courses are booming. However, the best way to learn Korean is by taking language courses and living in South Korea at the same time. That is why Asia Exchange enables students to study at a Korean University and take Korean language classes in Seoul, Ansan or Busan. Are you interested in a language program in Korea? If that’s the case, keep reading! 

Benefits of learning Korean

Over 80 million people speak Korean. The language’s popularity comes from South Korea’s steady and rising economic growth. Including K-entertainment, whether it be K-drama or K-pop, which is on a rise. Currently, South Korea is the 12th most prosperous economy worldwide, which means they offer excellent career opportunities, including working in Korean companies.

Many learn Korean as it sounds uniquely beautiful, there is plenty of charming aspect to the language. Hangul (Korean) is a logical language with only 24 letters which are pretty easy to read. The current Korean language is one of the most modern languages, so it is easier to learn. However, the grammar and honorifics are complex, so it is best to learn Korean in Korea. This allows you to listen and practise your Korean in the right environment.

Lastly, when you attend Korean language classes in Seoul or Busan, you will have the best learning environment! You can combine your classes with experiencing the language all around you. Is there any better motivation for picking up Korean than actually living in Korea? You will get used to the sound of people speaking Korean and you will also recognize the Hangul letters everywhere. And remember, practice makes perfect! Learning some Korean enables you to experience the culture in an authentic way. And, of course, it helps you when you want to order food, get around the country, or understand the lyrics of your favourite BTS song!

South Korean language courses at HUFS, Seoul

Where can you learn Korean, you may ask? Your options are right here! The Hankuk University of Foreign Studies has some of the best Korean language programs, with two options offered. Firstly, you can visit the “Intensive Korean Language” course from the Center for Korean Language and Culture. The language course costs around 1,440,000 KRW. Usually, the course is from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm. If you applied for a study abroad program at HUFS, you will receive an email regarding the language course with all information before the semester start.

For those not enrolled in the Intensive Korean courses, HUFS offers an introductory “Survival Korean Class,” which is hosted two evenings a week for 2 hours at a time. HUFS’s Visiting Students Department operates this class. The Survival Korean course is free of charge, but you need to pay for your textbook (approximately 25,000 KRW). You will receive a certificate upon completing the course. HUFS will send you a registration form by email once you arrive in Korea. You can confirm your interest in the course at their office in person.

Additionally, exchange students can join a K-buddy program. The program will be introduced to the students during the orientation days at the beginning of the semester. Depending on their language preferences, local Korean students will team up 1:1 with incoming students. By doing this, you will make new Korean friends, share your own culture, and improve your Korean skills.

Also check out YVONNE BOLHAR’s interview, an Austrian student who studied at HUFS in Seoul and took Korean language courses explaining student life in Seoul.

Hankuk university Korean language courses
Take Korean language courses at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies – HUFS campus

Korean language classes at HYU, Ansan

The Hanyang University offers two types of Korean language classes for all exchange students and visiting students. You can take free Korean language courses at the ERICA Institute of International Education. The program includes Intensive Korean and Survival Korean. For Intensive Korean Applicants, the course can be very intensive. However, you will earn 13 credits if you pass the course. If you will study at HYU and decide to go all-in with your language skills, you can sign up for the course before the semester starts. HYU will reach out to all incoming students via e-mail. Please talk to your home university to see if the credits earned can be acknowledged.

We recommend that you only take one regular course from Hanyang University. As for Survival Korean applicants, the class is on Tuesdays & Thursdays, but upon request, there can be an extra class on Mondays & Wednesdays. After completing the course, you will gain 3 credits. HYU will send the transcript of Korean courses to your home university or to you with the transcript of regular courses. You sign up prior semester’s start.

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South Korean language program at DAU, Busan

Dong-A University provides free Korean Language courses for exchange students. Busan is the perfect place to study Korean. The second-largest city in South Korea, after Seoul, is known as the holiday destination #1. Especially during summer, people from all over Asia visit Busan. If you study at DAU you can sign up for language courses. They are from Monday-Friday, lasting 4 hours per day. The entire Korean course is worth 13 credits! Korean Language course can be worthwhile if you plan to experience Korea to its fullest.

Iina from Finland said “It is so much more rewarding to study a foreign language in a country where people use the language every day. When I studied Korean back in Finland, it was hard for me to motivate myself to study because I never heard Korean outside the classes. Now that I’m studying Korean in Seoul, I can try to use the words and phrases I have learned in classes in my everyday life. It feels great to be able to communicate with locals in their language and see the progress right away!

Korean language classes in Busan
Dong-A University is located in Busan, where you can learn Korean close to the beach!

Let’s sum it up

If you are a university student and want to improve your Korean language skills, we recommend spending one or two semesters abroad in Seoul or Busan. When you just finished high school you can apply for a full Bachelor degree at HUFS in Seoul to experience the culture and learn the language over the course of 4 years. You can freely decide how much time you want to invest in learning Korean and how many credits you would like to earn. The Korean courses at the universities are perfect to meet other international students and make friends for a lifetime!

Do you want to study abroad in South Korea? Find out more information here!

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This blog post was written by Nele and Marisa! 


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