KOREAN LANGUAGE COURSES IN KOREA: 4 of the best to polish your vocabulary in 2024

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Is it essential to enroll in Korean language courses in Korea?

The Korean culture is fascinating, and interest in the country is growing dramatically. Accordingly, Korean language courses in Korea are booming. Why? Because the best way to learn the language is by simultaneously taking courses and living in the country. 

Asia Exchange, the biggest and most international European study abroad organization, enables students to enroll at a Korean university and take language classes in Seoul or Busan. With this, let us present the best Korean Language courses in Korea. We will also include fascinating facts and the benefits of learning this influential and vibrant language.

Korean language courses in Korea
Seoul is a vibrant city that will inspire you in many ways!

Fascinating Facts about the Korean Language

Their language is lyrical, a little bit like Welsh and Latin” – are some of the reasons why international students enroll in Korean language courses in Korea.

Additionally, if you’re a K-pop fan or binge-watch a Korean series, here are interesting facts about the Korean language that you must know.

  • The dialect is equally divided into four periods: old, middle, early, and modern Korean.
  • Only privileged people could write “hanja” before the 15th century.
  • King Sejong asked scholars to invent “Hangul” for the literacy of all.
  • Koreans celebrate Hangul Day every October 9.
  • Koreans practice two counting systems: the native Korean lexicon and a system of Chinese origin.
  • The Korean language has no grammatical gender.
  • There are many variations of the Korean language. Jeolla, Gyeongsan, Pyongan, and Hamyong are some of the known regional dialects.

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Aside from learning Korean language courses, you will surely enjoy the country’s culture!

Benefits of enrolling in Korean language courses in Korea

After the notable facts, here are the exciting advantages of studying Korean language courses in Korea:

1. The country’s economy is growing, and if you plan to work in Korea, now is the perfect time to enroll in Korean language courses in Korea.

2. Learning Korean certainly helps you master Japanese or Chinese, as they belong to the same language family.

3. You can easily understand your favorite K-pop or Kdrama series!

4. Adopting a new language boosts memory and IQ.

5. Additionally, you can fully immerse in Korea’s culture and widen your global perspective.

6. Learning a new language makes your credentials impressive. It shows explicitly adaptability and intelligence any company will appreciate.

7. Korea has some of the most respected corporations worldwide. Learning the language particularly shows interest in building good and lasting relationships.

8. You will surely notice an upgrade in your social skills and confidence while conversing with the locals!

9. It is easier to understand essential Korean principles and idealism.

Korean language courses in Korea
Learning Korean language courses is undoubtedly fun with your friends!

The Best Korean Language Courses in Korea

A university student or fresh high school graduate who specifically wants to improve their Korean language skills must spend one or two semesters abroad in Seoul or Busan and take Korean language courses in Korea.

Below are the certainly best and most reliable providers in the country:

1. Korean Language, Culture, and Business Immersion Program

Aside from being one of the best Korean language courses in Korea, our Korean Language, Culture, and Business Immersion Program offers a total experience!

It is surely perfect for university and recent high school graduates who want to understand the Korean language and economics better and have a unique and life-changing adventure.

The application process is easy! Complete the required documents, fill out the online application form, and submit. Then, wait for the confirmation letter within one to seven days.

For more information, visit our Korean Language, Culture, and Business Immersion Program page.

2. Korean Language Classes at HYU, Ansan

Hanyang University offers two types of Korean language classes for all exchange and visiting students. You can take free Korean language courses at the ERICA Institute of International Education. The program includes Intensive Korean and Survival Korean. For Intensive Korean Applicants, you will earn 13 credits if you pass the course.

In addition, if you study at HYU and decide to go all-in with your language skills, you can sign up for the course before the semester starts. HYU will reach out to all incoming students via email. Please talk to your home university to see if the credits earned can be acknowledged.

Furthermore, we recommend only taking one regular course from Hanyang University. As for Survival Korean applicants, the class is specifically on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but upon request, there can be an extra class on Mondays and Wednesdays. After completing the course, you will gain three credits. HYU will send the transcript of Korean classes to your home university or you with the transcript of regular courses. You sign up prior to the start of the semester.

3. South Korean Language Program at DAU, Busan

Dong-A University provides free Korean language courses for exchange students. Busan is the perfect place to take Korean language courses in Korea. The second-largest city in South Korea, after Seoul, is specifically known as a top holiday destination. Especially during the summer, people from all over Asia visit Busan. If you study at DAU, you can sign up for language courses. They are from Monday-Friday, lasting 4 hours per day. The entire Korean course is worth 13 credits! You should take a Korean language class to get the most out of your time in Korea.

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Hankuk university Korean language courses
Take Korean language courses at the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies – HUFS campus

4. South Korean Courses at HUFS, Seoul

The Hankuk University of Foreign Studies has two options, with some of the best Korean language programs. Firstly, you can visit the “Intensive Korean Language” course from the Center for Korean Language and Culture. The language course costs around 1,440,000 KRW. Usually, the course is from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm.

In addition, if you apply for a study abroad program at HUFS, you will receive an email with all the information regarding the language course before the semester starts.

For those not enrolled in the Intensive Korean courses, HUFS offers an introductory “Survival Korean Class,” hosted two evenings a week for 2 hours at a time. HUFS’s Visiting Students Department operates this class.

The Survival Korean course is free, but you must pay for your textbook (approximately 25,000 KRW). You will receive a certificate upon completing the course. HUFS will email you a registration form once you arrive in Korea. You can confirm your interest in the program at their office.

Furthermore, exchange students can join a K-buddy program. The program will be introduced to the students during the orientation days at the beginning of the semester. Depending on their language preferences, local Korean students will team up 1:1 with incoming students. Doing this will help you make new Korean friends, share your culture, and improve your Korean skills!

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Let’s sum it up

Aside from its global influence, Koreans are surely famous for being diligent, hardworking, courteous, and loyal.

Immersion is the key to adopting a culture and language fully. The mentioned Korean language courses in Korea provide a memorable, productive, and life-changing experience!

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Moreover, our virtual booth has the best information about universities worldwide! Aside from South Korea, you can learn more about learning institutions in China, Mexico, Cuba, and more!

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