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Climate crisis and studying abroad – Asia Exchange’s solution!

Student mobility is coming back to life, and young people are more motivated than ever to go abroad! Unfortunately, traveling by plane to study abroad increases the students’ carbon footprint. Over the past few years, it has become clearer than ever that we are in the middle of a climate crisis, and that up to 10% of global warming is caused by air travel. But should students give up on their hopes of studying abroad and give up on their goals for the future? We don’t think so! What we need are sustainable student mobility solutions!

What is your carbon footprint and why does it affect international students?

Your carbon footprint is the environmental imprint that all of your actions—including studying abroad—leave behind. We aim to minimize the effect that studying abroad and other forms of international travel have on the environment. Since carbon dioxide emissions are the main contributor to climate change, we should be aware of our carbon footprint and our actions affecting it.

Asia Exchange works with Atmosfair, a non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO₂ mitigation and offers Co2 offsetting

Sustainable student mobility solution at Asia Exchange

We see it as our responsibility to preserve our environment, live a sustainable life, and minimize the carbon footprint of each of our students. That’s why Asia Exchange has been invested in finding ways to enable sustainable student mobility. Consequently, Asia Exchange has chosen to work with Atmosfair, a non-profit organization that actively contributes to CO₂ mitigation and offers Co2 offsetting. Students can donate a free amount of money during their application to Atmosfair’s project dedicated to offsetting Co2 emissions. The process is integrated into the online application so that it’s as straightforward and easy as possible for students to donate. If you decide to minimize your Co2 footprint with a donation, you will receive an official certificate for your contribution during your exchange program.

In general, the projects supported by Atmosfair reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The minds behind these projects appreciate the efforts of Atmmosfair to finance their projects and make them sustainable. There are thousands of carbon reduction projects out there, and even the most minor changes to existing habits can have huge impacts in the future, let it be sustainable energy, reduced water usage, or filter systems.

What types of carbon offset projects does Atmosfair support?

  • Provision of energy-efficient cooking stoves
  • Solar energy in sunny areas
  • Biogas and biomass projects
  • Hydro and wind power energy
  • Environmental education for less privileged
  • Sustainable tourism projects

How is Asia Exchange contributing to sustainable student mobility?

But what does Asia Exchange do to mitigate our students’ carbon footprint? We will support each student’s efforts to reduce their carbon footprint when studying abroad by doubling their donations and contributing equally. This means, if you donate for instance 50 EUR, we will donate another 50 EUR! We want to become a role model in sustainable student mobility and hope to inspire more organizations and universities to find sustainable approaches in our field. Let’s make this world a better place! Click here to find out more details.

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When you donate for instance 50 EUR, Asia Exchange will donate another 50 EUR on top!

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