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I am Nadja from Germany. I am studying from March – June at Siam University in Bangkok. I will share my experiences and impressions of my life as a student in Bangkok on this blog.

Why did I decide to study in Bangkok?

First of all I am a passionate traveler. I love to travel around the world and have visited many countries around the globe. Getting to know foreign cultures, people and different mentalities is in my opinion the best way to broaden one’s horizons.

After I got my Bachelor of Science degree, I went on a 5-month trip around South-East Asia. During my travels I absolutely fell in love with Thailand – the culture, the people, the spirituality, the landscapes, the food – and everything else that makes Thailand such a special place.
Ever since my first stay I wanted to go back and spend some more time in an Asian metropolis (like Bangkok). In my experience, Bangkok is an inspirational, multicultural and vibrant city, which has a lot to offer such as an huge variety of culture, entertainment and a lot of beautiful places – just waiting to be discovered.

It is my aspiration to pursue an international education because I value the importance of having a global perspective. Furthermore, to understand global developments, it is important to learn how to communicate and interact in an intercultural context. That is why a semester abroad at the Siam University is not only a great opportunity for me to get to know Asian culture and lifestyles but also to get a feel for university life in Bangkok and of course to meet students from all over the world. It is the best way to gather new life experiences and to get to know Thailand in all its facets.

Therefore I really appreciate the opportunity to study in Bangkok thanks to AsiaExchange.

Stay tuned for my adventures in Bangkok.

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