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Do you want to study abroad in Portugal, but you thought you needed to study in Portuguese? Luckily, that is not the case. You can study in Lisbon in English indeed! Portugal hosts more than 50,000 international students each year. Its capital, Lisbon, is one of the most favored study abroad destinations in Europe. Do you want to experience the unique atmosphere of the young student city of Lisbon? Gain international experience, boost your career, make friends for a lifetime and dive deep into Portugal’s culture! Beyond Abroad enables you to study in Portugal as a Freemover. Benefit from the easiest application and most affordable tuition fees. 


It is no wonder that Lisbon attracts many international students. While the young student city offers high living standards and a renowned education system, the cost of living is relatively low. The student life in Lisbon is cheaper than in most other western European countries. Moreover, Lisbon is a lively town with exciting nightlife, excellent restaurants, and lovely cafés. If you prefer more active adventures, you can go mountain biking, surfing, or scuba-diving.

In addition, the Portuguese culture, the diverse nature, and the warm weather make you want to stay longer than just for a holiday. A warm welcome awaits every visitor in Portugal. Just as warm and friendly as the mild Mediterranean climate. The breathtaking nature with wild mountains and beautiful sandy beaches is another reason for exchange students to study in Portugal.

Portugal Lisbon students student life
Join 50,000 international students and study in Portugal – easy and affordable!


The European University of Lisbon offers a unique international experience and a wide range of English-taught courses. Consequently, the European University of Lisbon is the right place to be, if you are a university student who seeks a global career and mindset! Join over 200 international students from all around the globe. Grow academically, develop international collaborative projects, and participate in international competitions or fun events like the International Week.

The Universidade Europeia follows a student-based academic model. Students are prepared for a global world by developing skills that leverage their employability anywhere in the world. Its innovation capacity and differentiating academic model is founded on the principles of quality, internationalization, and proximity to businesses and the labor market. Some of the study fields are Management, Law, Psychology, Human Resources, Marketing, Design, Communication, Sports, Computer Engineering, and Technologies. Yet, it is a leading institution of higher education for Hospitality and Tourism Management.

You can study in Portugal at the European University of Lisbon. Click here to find out more!

The Tower, Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon is the place to be for international students!



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