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Study in Kuala Lumpur in Autumn 2022 – Covid-19 regulations, travel, and visa

All you need to know to study in Kuala Lumpur in autumn 2022

After 2 years of closed borders, international students finally could enter Malaysia for the first time this spring semester. Moreover, on April 1st Malaysia lifts many travel regulations, making it even easier for students to study in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, the upcoming autumn semester is the best time to study economics, engineering, information technology, nursing, and much more for a semester or two at one of the best universities in Malaysia – Universiti Putra Malaysia. Live in the heart of the bustling capital city of Malaysia and learn more about the world and yourself. Find out what you need to know!

Semester dates at UPM Autumn 2022

Here are the quick facts for this upcoming semester if you want to study in Kuala Lumpur: 

  • Semester dates: October 11th, 2022 – February 20th, 2023 
  • Orientation: October 4th – 8th, 2022
  • Application deadline: May 30th, 2022

Please keep in mind that small changes to the semester are still possible. 

What you need to know about the travel procedure to Malaysia: 

Before departure

Firstly, all incoming students must download the MySejahtera app. Then you need to complete the pre-departure form via the Traveller icon on MySejahtera. You will receive a digital Traveller’s Card when you are fully vaccinated. However, if you are only partially vaccinated or unvaccinated, you will get a digital Home Surveillance Order (HSO). Thirdly, you need to do a PCR test 48 hours before your departure. If you had a Covid-19 infection 6-6ß days prior to your departure, you need to take a professional RTK-Ag test 2 days before departure. Lastly, it is mandatory to have travel and COVID-19 insurance if you want to study in Kuala Lumpur. 

Upon arrival

When you arrive in Malaysia, you need to undergo a professional RTK-Ag test within 24 hours. Afterward, everyone who is partially vaccinated or unvaccinated needs to stay in quarantine for 5 days. You can do the professional RTK-Ag test at any health facility of your choice. Additionally, COVID-19 breathalyzer OR professional RTK-Ag tests on arrival are also available at the airport. Please keep in mind that you will be in charge of the costs associated with the health protocol. 

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passport visa travel
Ensure you acquire the most up-to-date information on visa requirements from the Malaysian embassy in your home country

What’s the right visa to study in Kuala Lumpur? And how does it work?

If you want to study in Kuala Lumpur, you need to know that applying for a Malaysian student visa (Student Pass) is a multi-step procedure and may appear cumbersome. Please keep in mind that the visa application process and the required papers list are subject to change. Ensure you acquire the most up-to-date information on visa requirements from the Malaysian embassy in your home country. You should never take obtaining a visa for a foreign nation for granted, and Asia Exchange makes no guarantees in this regard. Please read our terms and conditions as well.

All students studying at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), our Malaysian partner university, must apply for a student visa (Student Pass). It is impossible to study while on a Social Pass as a tourist. Your passport must be valid for at least 18 months when you start your visa application. Please note that you can’t extend the 6-month Student Pass. If you plan to enroll for two semesters at UPM, you should apply for both semesters simultaneously to qualify for the 1-year visa.

The Malaysian visa application process consists of 4 steps:

1. Electronic Visa Approval Letter application (eVAL)

 2. Single Entry Visa application (SEV)

 3. Student Pass application (the actual student visa)

 4. Cancellation of the visa

eVAL (Electronic Visa Approval Letter) and SEV (Single Entry Visa) are not the Student Pass (Student Visa)

Students must apply for an Electronic Visa Approval Letter (eVAL) through EMGS (Education Malaysia Global Services) and pay the processing cost before being eligible to apply for a student visa (Student Pass). Students must also pay a separate visa processing cost to Universiti Putra Malaysia (270 MYR) once they arrive in Malaysia. After receiving the Official Acceptance Letter (Offer Letter) from Universiti Putra Malaysia, you should begin the eVAL application procedure. The eVAL application takes approximately 3–6 weeks to process. You should apply for the Single Entry Visa after receiving the EVAL clearance.

The eVAL application takes approximately 3–6 weeks to process. You should apply for the Single Entry Visa after receiving the EVAL clearance. Except for Singapore, you can apply for it at a Malaysian embassy in any nation. The embassy will handle the real Student Pass application after the conclusion of your Malaysian university registration process.

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Don’t book your flights until your eVAL application has reached at least a 35 percent completion rate

We don’t recommend you arrive in Malaysia more than a few weeks before the orientation days. Also, we want to emphasize once again that you cannot enter Malaysia without completing your eVAL and SEV. Therefore, we encourage you to schedule your flights with flexible dates because semester dates may vary. Moreover, in some cases, the eVAL application can be delayed.

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Don’t forget to check if your passport is still valid for at least 18 months when you start your visa application!

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