Study, Chill, Eat, Repeat – Campus Chill Out Day

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One of the highlights at the international campus of the Udayana University in Jimbaran in every semester is the Campus Chill Out Day, sponsored by Asia Exchange. The purpose of this event is to bring the students from all programs together, to exchange experiences, and make new friends as well as to mingle with the local students. Usually, it can be quite difficult to get in touch with the other students, as they don´t have matching schedules and breaks, or their lessons can even beon different days. Nevertheless, we managed it to find a suitable date, which was the 13th of April for this year´s popular picnic-style event.

students are chilling at the park of udayana campus

As every year, we were very happy to have the famous Balinese singer Gede Bagus performing with his amazing voice for our students. The former attendant of X-Factor Indonesia is very popular and in vogue, especially among the locals.

a guy is playing his music for the students

Asia Exchange always tries to support the local non-profit organizations and so we invited two of them to introduce themselves to the students. It was good to see that many people were interested in the R.O.L.E. Foundation, which focuses on voluntary work in the field of environmental awareness, education and woman empowerment as well as, which strives to make children fall in love with earth through environmental awareness events, games, activities and printed/audio-visual materials.

students happy to be part ROLE foundation
no plastic bag

The weather was good and the students enjoyed the relaxed and international atmosphere while playing games, chilling out on the sarongs, provided by Asia Exchange and eating delicious snacks, which we offered for free. Around 220 students from all programs at the campus attended the day and even quite numerous local students (who are usually a bit shy) from the surrounding faculties followed our friendly invitation and seemed to be very happy to meet new friends. It was so nice to see all the people having fun and mingling together.

students are happy in bali, indonesia
chill out day for the student

The highlight of the day is usually the lucky draw, where the students have the opportunity to win some amazing vouchers, sponsored by the co-operating partners of Asia Exchange. It was unbelievable how many cool prizes the companies gave us for the lottery. There were speedboat tickets to the Gilis provided by, CrossFit memberships by S2S CrossFit, surfing lessons by ProSurf Surfing School, yoga lessons by Bali GreenLife, Muay Thai Boxing sessions by Dee Muay Thai and much more awesome vouchers by PitStop Burgers and Steel Petals Tattoo Studio to be won.

perfect atmoshpere for the students

The whole day was a complete success and we were happy to see how open-minded everybody was, and how smoothly the event went in general. The Campus Chill Out Day in Spring 2016 once again clarified that Bali provides the perfect atmosphere for the students to relax and enjoy life besides and during their studies. This is the feeling we want to create, this is the message we want to spread, this is how we roll! Study, chill, eat – repeat! Thanks to all the people who made this day a memorable one!

smile like you are the happiest person
volley ball on summer day
students share gifts to each other

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