Pre-Departure to Arrival: Presenting Asia Exchange’s Study Abroad Services for a Seamless Transition!

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Study abroad services offer ultimate convenience to global learners. Continue reading to learn more about our free package and amazing upgrades!

Asia Exchange, a Keystone Education Group company, offers a FREE standard package upon applying to any of our programs. Our package includes: 

  • Program Fee
  • Application Fee
  • Tuition Fee
  • Registration fee to the university
  • Academic advising and assistance
  • Official academic transcripts from the host university
  • Study materials (programs with additional materials: costs do not exceed 75 EUR)
  • Orientation events and briefings
  • Comprehensive student destination guide
  • Safety Plan
  • Pre-departure webinar
  • Travel and visa advising
  • 24-hour student support services via email, live chat, phone, or WhatsApp
  • Local contact person at the host university
  • Volunteering options

Apply now to have a smooth arrival in your dream study abroad destination!

Study Abroad Services – The Most Affordable Upgrades From Asia Exchange for those enrolling in Bali, Indonesia!

Check out the exciting upgrades below if you opt for specific guidance in addition to our free standard student abroad services. All our packages guarantee a smooth and productive transition in your host country! 

Bronze Package4,390 EUR

  • Accommodation
  • Activities (cultural, exploration, social)
  • Airport Pickup
  • Miscellaneous (helmet, sim card, etc.)

Silver Package4,580 EUR

  • Accommodation
  • Activities (cultural, exploration, social)
  • Airport Pickup
  • Miscellaneous (helmet, sim card, etc.)
  • Insurance

Gold Package6,080 EUR

  • Accommodation
  • Activities (cultural, exploration, social)
  • Airport Pickup
  • Miscellaneous (helmet, sim card, etc.)
  • Insurance
  • Flights

Exciting Features of Asia Exchange Service Packages

Our study abroad services are essential personalized packages that make life easier for international students. Our bundles generally consist of pre-departure and arrival services extending to the last days of your study abroad journey.  


Be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge of studying abroad with the following advantages below: 

Educational Counselling

Highly trained counselors provide valuable advice on choosing the ideal country and university based on your needs and goals. They can also guide you on what program to take. 

Application Assistance

Study abroad services provide valuable application assistance, including guideline procedures, crafting letters as a requirement, and preparing for university interviews. 

Getting a student visa

Counselors ensure students fully understand the process of getting a student visa and other necessary permits. They provide tips and encourage students to ask questions to improve their understanding. 

Accommodation Arrangements

Study abroad services assist enrollees in finding their ideal housing, whether on or off campus. Service packages also ensure enrollees’ safety and convenience with their suggested location. 

Orientation Seminars

Counselors conduct vital seminars to prepare students for their new lives in the host country. The briefings, conducted chiefly online, cover tips on culture, transportation, and more. 

Booking flights

Our study abroad consultancy packages help you find the perfect flight schedule and get affordable airfares that complement your budget. 

Upon Arrival

Here are the privileges to expect from study abroad services upon arrival to Bali, Indonesia!

Airport Pickup

Our service packages arrange pickup from the airport to your university or accommodation to ensure the utmost convenience upon arrival. 

Student support networks

Connect with other global and local learners for a genuinely immersive experience. Make long-lasting bonds to expand your views and respect for different cultures. 

24-hour student support

Our study abroad services extend reliable support 24/7 through email, live chat, phone, or WhatsApp for your well-being. You may contact them for inquiries or concerns at any time of the day. 

Local contact person at host university

In addition to 24/7 support, you will receive guidance from a local contact person in your host university. They will be your reliable buddy and provide valuable information for a fun, productive, and unforgettable experience!

Social and cultural integration 

Aside from upgrading your education, we broaden your appreciation of other cultures through volunteering and exciting community-related activities.  

Overall safety

Our study packages abroad provide safety plans for enrollees in cases of unforeseen events. The plan covers regular updates regarding their host country’s situation, up to bringing them home safely through travel insurance.  

Advantages of study abroad service packages

Aside from the mentioned benefits above, below are the other exciting privileges to receive from study abroad services:

Easy Cultural Transition 

Social integration programs and pre-departure orientations prepare international students to adjust to a new culture, resulting in a productive study abroad experience. Both equally lessen culture shock and ultimately enhance students’ journey overseas. 

Smooth Academic Transition

Global learners can adapt to new teaching styles, as study abroad services have dedicated seminars covering such concerns. More importantly, a local contact person at the university is always there to advise and support.  

Extending Network for Career Growth

International students can get support through graduate employment services and alumni networks, guaranteeing success after graduation. 

Summing it up

With the help of Asia Exchange’s study abroad services, you can have a worry-free and smooth transition to your dream study abroad destination! For further guidance, visit our Virtual Booth to learn more about our partner universities in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. You may also take our Destination Quiz for a fun and interactive way of picking a study abroad location.

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