Study Abroad is Possible With Beyond Abroad Despite ‘Covid-19’ situation

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Beyond Abroad Gives you the opportunity to study abroad despite Covid-19

Covid-19 has hit the world hard and damaged not just the global economy but also taken millions of lives. Every continent around the world have registered COVID-19 cases and people from the entire planet are asking the same question: How long will the pandemic last?

The higher education sector is one of many industries that has been damaged the most by the pandemic. Studying abroad is by no means an exception. Travel and visa restrictions have made it very difficult for students to travel in 2020 but, the dream of studying abroad is still alive and well. According to a survey made by, only 5,4% of prospect students have decided to cancel their study abroad plans. The survey proves that many are still very hopeful and optimistic about the future.

students walking together at the campus os UPM in Kuala Lumpur
Study abroad is not canceled! You can still travel to many of our destinations to enjoy a semester abroad despite Covid-19. Photo by Fabian

Study abroad in Europe with our new partner universities

We strongly believe that an exchange semester abroad helps students to get the essential tools to become an enormous asset for companies in the future. Therefore, one of Asia Exchange´s core values is to make studies abroad available for everyone. That is why we have the lowest tuition fees in the industry. To further live up to the expectations of our values, Asia Exchange has worked relentlessly to find ways how to give students the opportunity to still enjoy a semester abroad despite the desperate situation with Covid-19.

After exploring various opportunities, we at Asia Exchange decided to look beyond our current portfolio. As a result, Beyond Abroad was born. Similar to Asia Exchange, Beyond Abroad will partner up with well established and highly ranked universities. But instead of limiting to Asia, the new brand is focusing on the whole world.

As a start, we are happy to announce that we have partnered up with 2 host universities within Europe that are willing to accept applications from Beyond abroad for the upcoming spring semester 2021.

a yellow tram is going through the city of Lisbon in Portugal
Lisbon is a beautiful city with amazing food and very friendly local people. It´s the ideal place to study abroad. Photo by Julian Dik

Study abroad in Lisbon, Portugal

As of the 20th of August, the whole country was added to the “safe” list after infection rates dropped. Portugal is the ideal choice for all students who have encountered problems due to travel restrictions and wish to complete a semester abroad next spring 2021. Moreover, Lisbon is one of the cheapest cities in Europe, which makes it the ideal destination for students who have a limited budget. The city is also known for being very safe and the food is amazing!

European University of Lisbon

Join over 200 international students at the European University of Lisbon. The university is part of the largest global group of higher education, the Laureate International Universities, and offers stands out for its ability to innovate and for its differentiated academic model which is founded on the principles of quality, internationalization and the proximity to business and the labor market. The University, located in the center of Lisbon, aims to prepare its students to become the Global Professionals of the future, with all the necessary skills to achieve professional success anywhere in the world.

Find out more about the European University of Lisbon here
view over cliffs and ocean in Sardinia in Italy
vWould you like to combine studies with exploring beautiful beaches and cozy cafés? Then Sardinia suits you perfect! Photo By Massimo Virgilio

Study abroad in Sardinia, Italy

Entry to Italy is now permitted and you do not need to justify your reasons for traveling. This gives students the opportunity to enjoy a semester abroad in one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Europe: Sardinia. The island is undoubtedly best known for limpid turquoise sea and exquisite beaches. Food and wine are just as important here as well. The island is a designated ‘Blue Zone’, a region where the people live longer and healthier lives than anywhere else on the planet.

University of Cagliari

The University of Cagliari was established in 1620 and is officially accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, Italy. The university is located in Cagliari, the capital city of Sardinia. Like many Italian cities, Cagliari wears its history on its sleeve and everywhere you go you come across traces of its rich past: ancient Roman ruins, museums filled with prehistoric artifacts, centuries-old churches and elegant palazzi. East of Cagliari brings you to Poetto beach, the hub of summer life with its limpid blue waters and upbeat party scene.

Find out more about the University of Cagliari here

Back to the question: how long will the pandemic last? Well, no one knows and that is a fact! But nevertheless, to quote the famous writer john collins “To lead our teams to success, we all need to strike the right adaptive mindset. We need to find a way to balance realism with optimism”. So, remember this: Study, live, learn – will never be canceled!

Are you interested in finding out more about Beyond Abroad’s European destinations?

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This article was written by our Digital Marketing Coordinator Fabian!

Table of Contents

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