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Full degree in Taiwan

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Asia Exchange has a new program for theirTaiwanstudy abroad destination. We are excited to announce that Asia Exchange students can now participate in a 4-year business bachelor’s degree atShih Chien Universityin Taiwan. The university is ranked as one of the best in the country, as is the business program it offers. We are excited to bring more study-abroad possibilities to students interested in studying abroad in Taiwan.

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What you need to know about Taiwan

Taiwan– a growing country in culture and economy. The country is located between China and the Philippines, and in recent years, it has become one of Asia’s most popular travel and study-abroad destinations. Even though most places have developed into modern, connected cities, there are still untouched natural places to be discovered. So like many other east Asian countries, it combines tradition and progress in one place, which allows visitors to experience the best of both worlds.

Moreover, among East Asian countries, Taiwan is considered a more budget-friendly destination, making it even more famous for students. Living in Taiwan also introduces you to more than just the Taiwanese culture. Since the country is part of the Republic of China, you will see little parts of Chinese culture everywhere you go.

Another great thing aboutTaiwanis the food. You can have delicious street food for lunch and get dinner at a five-star gourmet restaurant. The fact that expenses can be pretty low contributes to the high-quality life in Taiwan, especially for foreigners. Moreover, Taiwan is a safe and welcoming country, making it much easier for foreigners to settle in and feel part of the community.

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Why a full degree at Shih Chien University

After two years of online classes due to the pandemic, international students now have the chance to attend classes on campus again. With Asia Exchange, students can attend a full-degree business program at Shih Chien University. Shih Chien University is one of the top institutions in the country and offers an outstanding, four years long International Business Program (IBP) in english. This program allows you to enter a growing county and to be closer to one of the biggest economies worldwide.


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