Student Field Trip in Bali to Aling Aling Waterfalls

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All over the island,Balihas beautiful natural phenomena to offer. On Sunday, Asia Exchanges students fromWarmadewa UniversityandUdayana Universityvisited one of those places. The field trip took off for the Aling Aling Waterfalls in the island’s northern part. Giulia Marchetti, an intern in marketing for Asia Exchanges, went on the trip with the exchange students and told us about it.

Let the Field Trip in Bali begin

Waking up early on a Weekend might not be for everyone but waking up at 6:45 am this Sunday was worth it. This Sunday, our Asia Exchange students from Warmadewa University and Udayana University here inBaliwent on a field trip to the Aling Aling waterfalls up in the northern part of Bali.

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Asia Exchange students swimming at Aling Aling Waterfalls

Field Trip to Aling Aling Waterfalls

The Field trip started at 8 am from Bali Green Surf School in Seminyak with a small bus. Finally, after a two-and-a-half-hour ride, we arrived at the waterfalls and met our tour guide. Among the three waterfalls our guide took us to, the first was the biggest and the only one we could not swim in. Seeing the first waterfall with the clear water was magical and was only topped by the smaller ones because we were able to swim in those. The smaller waterfalls had three cliffs you could jump from 5m, 10m, and 15m. Together with our guides, some students even dared to jump from all three heights and even took the natural waterslide. When our guides jumped from the cliffs, they did all kinds of funny poses. We stayed there for around 3 hours, having fun and enjoying the unbelievable nature around us.

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Student Field Trip: Hot springs

After swimming, jumping, and moving for 3 hours, we had to get lunch. Luckily right in front of the Waterfall entrance there was a small restaurant where we got some new energy. So, right after lunch, the trip continued around 30 to the west to the Hot springs. When we arrived, we had the Hot Springs almost all to ourselves. So it was the perfect ending to an action-filled day. We cached a colorful sunset during our ride and sang songs in the car.

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Our Waterfall Tour guide explaining the small hike to the first and biggest Waterfall


The Field Trip was well organized and a lot of fun! Jumping into the blue water, sliding down waterfalls, and relaxing in the hot springs made this trip a one-time experience. In fact, all students enjoyed their time testing their limits by jumping from the cliffs. It was worth it for everybody to wake up early, I can assure you that! Again, here in Bali, there are so many beautiful waterfalls to visit, and it is something you should do if you get the chance.

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