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Every child deserves a chance for education

Educating the youth is important to Asia Exchange, and we want to do our part in aiding children and young people to create a brighter future for themselves. We want to share our values with the world and spread knowledge about charity work and how others can help. We strongly believe education is the key to personal and social progress and prosperity. That’s why we are happy to help Save the Children on its path to giving every child an equal chance for education.

Save the Children has been working with underprivileged children for almost 100 years already. Photo by Souvid Datta

Save the Children is an international non-governmental organization that has since 1919 promoted children’s rights in developing countries all over the world. It works to ensure that every child has a safe childhood and chance for a better future. The organization also educates people on their work and the situation of children in developing countries. Save the Children is a big multinational organization and its operations are streamlined in a way that large part of its money can go directly to financing the services it offers

The organization operates also in many Asian countries improving the lives of children through education and safer living conditions. Education is an integral part in bettering the lives of underprivileged children as it improves life-long health, income and provides a sustainable future for them. One of the aims of Save the Children is to ensure that every child receives good quality education and gains the skills and knowledge needed to live an independent life.

In developing countries, education is often the only way out of poverty. Photo by Nina

In Thailand, Save the Children has been helping to provide basic education for children in refugee camps for over 30 years. A large number of refugees from Myanmar have fled their country to Thailand and are now living in refugee camps on the Myanmar border. Save the Children with its NGO partners wants to make sure that no child living in those camps is left outside education. Save the Children is also working to increase literacy rates across the camps in order to provide the children with better life opportunities.

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Save the Children has done similar work in Indonesia where it has operated already since 1976. It’s work focuses on early childhood care and development and addressing the literacy gap for early primary school students.  This is done through training teachers, improving classroom environments, encouraging positive discipline and improving school sanitation, health, and hygiene. Furthermore, Save the Children is also supporting young people in Indonesia in getting access to vocational training, entrepreneurship and life skills training so that they will have a better chance for employment later in life.

Every contribution counts – let’s help the youth of the world together! Photo by Asiaexchange

We also want to involve students and staff alike in charity work. One way to help is by filling the feedback surveys given during and after a study semester. For every answered survey, a sum goes to support the work of Save the Children. We also donate a sum for everyone who attends our webinars..

We have participated in smaller charity events, too, for example, by supporting the flood victims in Thailand, and sponsoring ourPrince of Songkla Universityrepresentative Colin Gallagher in the Laguna Phuket International Marathon where he ran to gather money for community based HIV projects in Phuket. Asia Exchange is more than happy to take part in even more charity events in the future, too. Every contribution counts – let’s help the youth of the world together!

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