Planning and Preparation for Study Abroad: Dream Big, Plan Smart in 2024!

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Planning and preparation for study abroad are equally exciting and challenging. Different emotions will set in, and the fear of the unknown is common.

Whether you are going to Asia, Europe, the US, or another unfamiliar location, expect it to be an enriching experience where you can equally grow professionally and personally.

To help your life-changing journey, here is our guide on planning and preparation for study abroad.

Planning and preparation for study abroad: Choose the perfect location!

Picking a location is the most challenging phase in planning and preparation for study abroad. To help you choose, take our Destination Quiz. The result is fast and based on thrilling preferences! You may also read our guide on choosing a study abroad location for more detailed steps.

Next, below are other essential considerations to help you decide:

planning and preparation for study abroad

What are you passionate about?

Your passion and strengths go hand in hand in planning and preparation to study abroad. These two will serve as a guide on what academic program you must pursue.

Next, choose among countries offering your preferred educational course. Decide if you plan to enroll in Asia, Europe, or the US.

How is the visa process in your chosen location?

Another vital phase in planning and preparation for study abroad is visa application. Make sure it’s manageable and you have complete requirements.

planning and preparation for study abroad

Is my budget enough for the cost of living in the country?

Aside from the tuition fee, it would be best to consider necessities such as food, transportation, accommodation, etc.

Our Budgeting Guide is essential for effectively planning and preparing for study abroad. Additionally, we have detailed blogs about living costs in in-demand locations such as Bali, South Korea, Tokyo, Bangkok, and more!

Planning and preparation for study abroad: Before your flight

Now that you have chosen an educational program and a perfect location, it is time to do the following as part of effective planning and preparation for study abroad:

Check your visa and the passport’s validity

Your passport and visa are both crucial documents to study abroad.

If your passport is expired, apply for a new one as soon as possible.

On the other hand, immediately apply for a student visa once you receive the letter of acceptance from the university.

-Visit your doctor and ask if you need to bring along medications

Contact your doctor and stock up on prescribed drugs before leaving to study abroad.

Moreover, ensure you know the regulations for bringing medications to your destination. Remember to keep the prescription and present it when needed.

Submit all requirements before the deadline

To meet all the deadlines, specifically, plot it on your mobile phone with an alarm. Setting it a week or three days before will give you enough time to check for errors or add more information.

Book your flight ahead

As international flights are costly, booking a ticket in advance is advisable to save money.

Moreover, there are online sites where you can buy affordable airline tickets, such as Skyscanner, Hopper, Google Flights, and more.

Find an accommodation

Another critical stage in planning and preparation for study abroad is finding accommodation.

Before getting housing provided by most universities or those privately owned, check online reviews first. Ensure they offer safety and assistance throughout your stay.

-Check the compatibility of your electronic devices

Two of the most critical items in planning and preparation for study abroad are a SIM card and a power adapter.

Aside from connecting you with family and friends back home, your mobile phone, laptop, and other electronic devices are essential while studying abroad.

With this, bring a compatible adapter and a usable SIM card to your destination.

-Pack necessary clothes

Bring clothes that complement the weather at your destination. Also, whether for school or strolling around the area, ensure you follow cultural practices. For example, some countries may find wearing shorts offensive; thus, researching proper dress codes is highly encouraged.

For assistance, read our packing checklist to learn the most effective way of preparing and bringing clothes to your study abroad destination.

-Familiarize yourself with the language

Learning the country’s dialect is vital in planning and preparation for study abroad. Aside from connecting with the locals, understanding basic sentences is helpful with your day-to-day living.

Tip: If you plan to enroll in Korea, discover affordable Korean language programs by clicking HERE.

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Planning and preparation for study abroad: Arrival in your dream study abroad destination!

Congratulations on arriving in your preferred location. To make this once-in-a-lifetime adventure indeed memorable, let us share some tips :

  1. Follow the country’s rules and regulations.
  2. Familiarize yourself with your university’s academic system.
  3. Connect with locals.
  4. Explore scenic areas during school breaks.
  5. Enjoy this experience, but remember your ultimate goal.
  6. Try out local dishes.
  7. Be adventurous.
  8. Stay connected with your family and friends back home.
  9. Create long-lasting bonds with your classmates for a professional network.
  10. Take photos and write a journal about your study abroad experience.

Summing it up!

Planning and preparation for study abroad is easy once you follow our guide.

Though there will be “surprises” along the way, remember to focus on your goals.

Moreover, look forward to thrilling adventures once you leave your comfort zone.

Schedule a free counseling session today, and let us start your life-changing adventure toward your best version.

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