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a surfer inside of a barrel roll waves in the philippines

Best Surfing Destinations In The Philippines

These are the top 5 surf destinations in the Philippines

The surf scene in the Philippines is thriving. With over 7,000 islands and an impressive coastline that spans over 36,000 km, it’s not at all surprising that people from all

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american student surfing in bali

How Is It To Be An American Student in Bali?

Our American students share their experiences about studying in Bali

Harri Suominen, the co-founder of Asia Exchange, traveled to Asia in early March and met some of our current students also in Bali, Indonesia. Miles and Kevin from the United

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a path in the middle of a Malaysian forest

Top 5 Hidden Islands And Beaches in Malaysia

These are the best-hidden islands and beaches in Malaysia

Malaysia has over 800 remote islands and a significant number of them are still unexplored. With many relatively unknown islands for tourists, there is a high possibility you can find empty

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