Packing checklist: Your best guide to easy and effective packing of everything you need abroad

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The most updated packing checklist this 2024!

Congratulations on your acceptance to your dream study abroad destination! Most find packing things abroad daunting, specifically if you have limited space and allowance. Worry not because we can help!

Aside from a packing checklist, we also included helpful tips to make this task easy and fun.

An essential part of the packing checklist is your suitcase!

A suitcase is an investment that must be sturdy enough to hold our belongings securely. With this, choose a waterproof type. It must be expandable with internal compression straps and durable wheels.

In addition, opt for a luggage system consisting of a wheeled-on carry-on plus an equally heavy-duty backpack that you can fasten together.

packing checklist

Important items in your packing checklist

Once you have a hard-wearing luggage system, collect the items needed to study abroad.

Personal documents:

Student Visa


Birth certificate

Student ID

Proof of vaccination

Medical records

Copy of medical records

Vaccination certificates

University papers:

Acceptance letter or program verification, confirmation of university enrollment

Transcripts of records

Other needed copies:

Housing contract

Proof of medical and travel insurance

List of contacts for emergency

Travel itinerary

Electronic travel authorization

Bank statements

TIP: Secure the mentioned requirements in a clear and hard folder for easy access and have the papers photocopied. Proper and complete documentation guarantees a smooth entry and stay in your host country.

Packing checklist: Clothing

Cotton t-shirt

Button up shirt


Denim jacket

Black pants or knee-length skirt (for special and formal occasions at your university)

White and black socks

Rubber shoes

Formal shoes or simple flats

Extra sturdy flipflops or sandals

TIP: Aside from bringing comfortable clothes, consider the country’s traditions. Research online what is acceptable or not and follow it diligently.

Packing checklist: Electronic Devices


Mobile phone




TIP: Use cloud storage to keep essential files accessible anywhere. In addition, check for destination-specific voltage converters and plug adapters.

packing checklist

Packing checklist: Toiletries







Shaving cream

TIP: Ensure any hygiene products you pack into your carry-on luggage are in 100ml or smaller containers and packed neatly in some zip-lock bags to please the customs officers.

Furthermore, remember to pack a good supply of contact lenses if you use them.

Packing checklist: First Aid kit


Anti-biotic ointment

Burn ointment

Pain relievers

Adhesive bandages

Medical tape

Sterile cotton balls

Antibacterial wipes


Mosquito repellant

TIP: As you are new to the area, a first aid kit is essential in treating minor injuries. Nevertheless, ensure that your accommodation is near a hospital for easy access to medical concerns.

Packing checklist: School Supplies





USB drives

TIP: Having school supplies on hand saves money and time in looking for needed items, especially specialized equipment for your field of study.

Prescription medication

Ensure you also have the original prescription written by your doctor in case customs officers ask for it.

Local currency

A debit or credit card is globally accepted, but bringing local currency is ideal as some smaller establishments don’t accept payments using cards.

Additional packing guide for your study abroad journey

  • Packing weeks before your flight gives you enough time to know which items to bring or leave behind. You can also check if it is within the allowable weight set by an airline.
  • A durable padlock certainly keeps your room safe while exploring the area or university. Combination locks are a must-have in your packing checklist as it is safer because you do not need to worry about losing keys.
  • Reusable water bottles are essential, especially when studying in a humid country. It keeps you hydrated and helps you save money instead of buying.
  • Wrinkle-free clothes are surely a must-have in a packing checklist. Clothing companies offer a wide variety for men and women without the need to iron.
  • Books, crossword puzzles, and other non-electronic devices are specifically advisable in your packing checklist to keep you stimulated. Set a goal of lessening the use of mobile gadgets so you can immerse yourself in your new environment.
  • Refrain luxury items in your packing checklist. Accessorizing using expensive pieces of jewelry and watches in your host country attracts the attention of thieves.
  • It is advisable to leave your favorite snacks out of your packing checklist. Aside from taking up space, some countries have strict policies for bringing food. Instead, try out new delicacies in your host country to widen your tastebuds.
  • Use compression bags to flatten bulky clothing, such as jeans and jackets. Doing so will give space for other items you need to study abroad.

Summing it up

Always remember that you are representing your home country abroad. Act with decency and generally respect the culture of your host country. In addition, smile, be pleasant, and bond with the locals!

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