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Asia Exchange has launched two new partner universities: Hanyang University and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. These are the newest additions to our study destinations, and applications for Spring 2021 intakes have opened. Get to know these universities and find out whether they would suit you.

Hanyang University is situated in Seoul, South Korea, just 50 minutes away from the breathtaking shores of the Yellow Sea. The campus welcomes around seven thousand students every year. Hanyang University was founded by South Korea’s first engineering institute, and the university is known for its high-quality education.

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Study at Hanyang University

If you would like to take a break from the studies at your home university and gain international experience as well as expand your skill sets, study at Hanyang University for one or two semesters. To be able to apply for the semester abroad, you need to be enrolled at a university. Alternatively, if you have recently graduated from high school and are looking for the right path, consider taking a gap year to explore the rich Asian culture and endless opportunities.Read more about the requirements.In addition to the variety of high-level engineering courses, students can also study economics, business administration, and pharmacy.

Sunset over the city skyline in Seoul
South Korea is one of the best countries to study engineering. Picture by Janis Rozenfelds

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Study at the university of the thai chamber of commerce

The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) is located in vivid Bangkok, Thailand. UTCC is the oldest private higher education institution in Thailand and the university welcomes students from over 40 countries. UTCC is a university with high-quality world class business education and offers courses in Business Administration and Accounting.

You can decide whether you want to complete a full degree or join one or two semesters abroad.To be able to apply for the semester abroad, you must be enrolled at an institution of higher education in your home country. Full degree studies require a high school certificate or similar.Read more about the additional requirements.

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White and orange temples and nature landscape in Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is a meeting place for dozens of nationalities. Picture by Aurélien Grimpard

Why should you apply to Hanyang or UTCC?

Hanyang University is known for its highly appreciated study programs and research in engineering. The university was ranked as the 146th best university in the world, according to theQS World Rankings in 2020.Hanyang University is one of the best engineering universities in Korea and the university is also ranked to have the most alumni who are CEOS of Korean companies. So not only does studying at Hanyang expand your skill sets, it also opens up a large network and global career opportunities. The demand for engineering degrees is constantly growing.

Studying at UTCC develops your global mindset which is an important asset for future business employees and entrepreneurs. The lectures are given by experienced teachers and the university has a strong network with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) companies. The lectures consist of both practical and academic learning.

Outside study hours, you are free to explore the ever-changing, vibrant city of Bangkok which is lively 24/7.UTCC is a meeting place for dozens of nationalities due to which the university allows you to meet people from all over the world and expand your network.

Happy students working together on a computer
Studying at UTCC or at Hanyang will be a good addition to your CV. Picture by Brooke Cagle

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To whom would these universities suit?

Hanyang University is the right choice for you if you are aiming for an international career and want to surround yourself with a multicultural environment. If you are interested in getting to know the rich Korean culture, this is the perfect chance for you. South Korea is a megalopolis and is known for its technology giants and constantly changing infrastructure so you are interested in engineering, this will be a wonderful experience for you.

If you are interested in completing a full degree in Business, UTCC is the right place for you. Bangkok is the economic centre of Thailand and there are many financial institutions and major commercial banks situated in Bangkok. Seventeen Thai companies are listed on theForbes 2000which all are situated in Bangkok.The university is the right choice for you if you are hoping to challenge yourself academically and expand your knowledge in Business. Bangkok is also one of the most interesting cities in Asia and the studies enable you to experience the local Thai student community.

A person working on a laptop with a notebook, pen and a cup of coffee on the desk
If you are business-oriented then both Hanyang and UTCC are good study abroad options. Picture by Avel Chuklanov

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