“My semester abroad was one of the greatest adventures in my life” (Kevin in Phuket)

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“My semester abroad was one of the greatest adventures in my life”

Kevin studied abroad at Prince of Songkla University in Phuket, Thailand in autumn 2016. Read his interview below.

What’s your name and where do you come from?

My name is Kevin and I am from Bavaria, Germany.

What are you studying at your home university?

I am currently studying International Tourism Management at the European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen.

Where did you spend your exchange semester?

I spent my exchange semester at Prince of Songkla University in Phuket, Thailand.

The university is well-equipped and offers a really good educational level.

Why did you choose to study in Asia, and your destination in particular?

I had always dreamt of something special and wanted to investigate a completely different country and its culture. Also I see myself as an outdoorsman and heard of the great islands and landscape of Thailand.

Did the experience meet your expectations?

My semester abroad was a great experience and it even exceeded my expectations.

What were the highlights of your exchange?

I had many highlights. I could tell loads of stories.

However, a really nice experience was a trip to Ranong.

This place is not very touristy and you can experience the “real” Thailand.

You can see great waterfalls and monkeys harvesting coconuts or you can just relax at the hot springs.

I also have a kind of secret highlight. I do not want to tell anyone because it is my favorite place in Thailand and I wish that it stays like that for quite a long time. Yet, I would reveal it if you email me.

Which were the most interesting topics in your studies?

I had six courses and all courses and lecturers were very convincing and the university offered a really good educational level. During the studyperiod you’ll have various assignments and case studies that help you to stay on track.

My favorite course was Intercultural Communication where we had to prepare a study guide for the next international students. That shall help them to get prepared for another culture and country.

How did the studies support your degree in your home university?

My home university checked all teaching and learning content beforehand and all my courses were easily credited.

Furthermore, my home university really supports students who decide to go abroad and provides valuable information.

Did you get some funding for your studies? If yes, what kind?

Yes, I got BAföG (Federal Law on Support in Education). That is a kind of governmental student credit in Germany.

How would you summarize your exchange experience?

My semester abroad was one of the greatest adventures in my life. I would really regret if I had missed this experience. It provided me an international education exposure and furthermore, I returned home with a new ambition in my life.

What kind of accommodation did you have and how much was the monthly cost?

I stayed at a serviced apartment. It was called Fruit Valley and the price changed during the time because of high and low season. However, the highest price I paid was about 10,000 Baht/250 € per month. Now I know a lot of places with different standards and prices where you could stay. Feel free to ask for advice.

What were your normal days like while living in Asia?

A normal day in Asia is first and foremost really relaxing. University starts according to the schedule at 9 o’clock but actually you can barely see any Thai student there at that time because they do not value time that much. So your day does not start that stressful. For lunch I went to a local restaurant and following that I was traveling around Phuket by scooter.

beach in phuket, thailand

What kind of things did you learn about Asia and your destination?

Asia has a completely different culture. Especially Thailand’s culture is unique. In the beginning, it can be very hard to get acquainted with it but after a while you really like a lot of things about it. For example, Thai people see things as pre-determined and so they are not that anxious about the future and I really liked that way of thinking.

What kind of things did you learn about yourself?

I have learned that I should not take my work and my studies too seriously. You should relax and enjoy your life even more. Moreover, money is not the most important thing. I knew that before but Thai people even say as long as they have enough to eat everything is okay. In former times they did not have to work that much because they had rice in the fields and fish in the sea. So that way of thinking is still part of their culture.

In your opinion, why should people go to study in Asia?

As I already mentioned you get to know a completely different culture and nature. You can always enjoy the warm weather and you get to know yourself even better.

Did you have a chance to travel during your stay?

Even though I attended six courses I had three days off a week. Therefore I had enough leisure time to travel around Thailand and Myanmar.

How did you experience the application and acceptance procedure?

The application process was very easy and not much work. Also, I got accepted very fast.

What are your greetings to Asia Exchange?

I would like to thank Asia Exchange that they gave me the opportunity to spend a quite nice semester abroad. Asia Exchange was also always very helpful and answered every question we had immediately.

Would you recommend this study program to other students?

I will definitely tell everyone that they should not miss this experience. That is for sure.

A free word for any student considering going abroad?

Do not hesitate to apply at Asia Exchange for a semester abroad in Asia.

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