My Internship in Bali

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Well hello there!

If you are reading this, then I’m hoping it is because you are interested in doing an internship in Asia!

Who would like to do an internship in Bali? We think the question should be who wouldn’t! Denise exploring the island during her internship with Udayana University.

Let’s do this a bit more formally: my name is Denise and I was born in Canada but later moved to Germany. I am currently studying International business focusing on Southeast Asia in Konstanz, Germany. After successfully finishing my A-Levels, my desire to learn about different cultures and languages led me to travel to Southeast Asia. I travelled 7 months through Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and Brunei experiencing a new and amazing world! The people were so helpful, friendly and always smiling which made my travels unforgettable. That is why I wanted to show my gratitude bygiving something back by volunteering to teach English in Ubud, Bali.

Since the first day I stepped my foot in Southeast Asia, I felt at home. No matter whether it is the crazy traffic, street food, those occasionally visiting cockroaches at night, or bargaining at the local markets – this became my home and it was very hard to get back on a plane to Germany.

I chose to do an internship with Udayana Universityin Bali because of my interest in Southeast Asia. I was looking forward to a new challenge. and to get to work in an international company – and I also wanted experience the Indonesian way of work that my lectures back home had prepared me for.

I can honestly say that my time spent interning in Indonesia resulted in one of the best four months of my life. Not only did I gain practical skills at the office of the well-known Udayana University, but I also had the opportunity to meet many fantastic people from different countries! The atmosphere at the office was always welcoming (although sometimes a bit chilly from the AC which you can luckily operate anytime) which made me feel even more right at home.

Denise with other Asia Exchange intern Helka at Udayana University, Bali.

Unlike other internships I have done in the past, this internshipgave me the opportunity to step right into work and be a part of the teamfrom the beginning. I felt like I was able to contribute to the company by assisting the students, organizing events and blogging throughout the semester.

I am not going to lie: sometimes it was also difficult dealing with complaining students and to keep a smile on your face. However, it was a great challenge for me to handle the situations fast and professionally. While I have gained many new skills like being more flexible and learned to work under pressure, I also got the chance to explore this amazing country – Indonesia.

It was landscapes like this that Denise found so amazing. Wouldn’t you want to be here!

In my spare time, I enjoyed the culinary diversity of Indonesia such as Sate, Nasi Campur and Ayam Penyet! Not only I got to brush up on my surfing skills, I was also able to learn about the culture by taking part in ceremonies and hanging out with locals. During my internship, I travelled around Bali, to Nusa Penida (a must for anyone who loves adventures), the Gili Islands, Java and Sumatra. Makesure that you willcheck out the volcanoes, white sand beaches, high white limestone cliffs, waterfalls, rice fields, underwater world, caves, jungle trekking, temples, traditional villages, surfing barrels and getting stuck in traffic!

To sum it all up, my internship at Udayana University has been a successful four months and an unforgettable time. I was able to gain practical skills, work in a fantastic environment, learn about the culture and traditions, and make amazing friends for life! I could not be more thankful for this experience and I will for sure come back to Bali!!

See you soon!


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