“Everything is possible because you can get to everywhere from Bangkok!” (Michael in Bangkok)

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“Everything is possible because you can get to everywhere from Bangkok!”

Michaelstudied abroad at KasetsartUniversity in Bangkok, Thailandduring autumn 2013. He comes originally from Germanyand studied at the Fachhochschule Nordhausen. Read his interview below.

european student studied at kasetsart university

This picture of me is from the Faculty of Economics at Kasetsart. Some people wear a tie with the uniform but you can also be a bit more relaxed.

I’m really enjoying my study abroad semester. I just picked four different courses so I have a lot of free time. The best bit is that I have Fridays and Mondays off so I can travel during the weekends. There is really a lot to see. Thanks for making this possible!

Sawasdee place at the Pahonyontin Road

I am living at the Sawasdee place on the Pahonyontin Road directly next to the campus. I pay little less than 200€ a month for 40 square meters and I enjoy the swimming pool on the very hot days. Bangkok is really an awesome destination because you can go everywhere from here. We have already been to many islands and several other destinations. Two weeks ago we went to Laos for two weeks after the midterm exams which was also very nice.

The University

Kasetsart University has proved to be very good and some of my teachers are just excellent. The campus is really nice as well. For example, the cafeteria has incredibly many different things to eat for very little money. I have made many new friends, mostly from Finland but also some from Japan, Indonesia, Sweden and of course some from Thailand.

Bangkok Kasetsart University inside campus


The travelling here in Southeast Asia is awesome. After my studies I have three months of free time which I will spend in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines and maybe Cambodia… Or where ever I want to go; everything is possible because you can get to everywhere from Bangkok!

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