Lilja in Bali (Udayana University)

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“I had just finished my university studies in Sweden and I wanted to do something completely different…”

Lilja Persson studied abroad at Udayana University in Bali, Indonesia during autumn 2010. She comes originally from Sweden and studied at Umeå University. Read her interview below.

Blonde woman sitting on a rock looking over the sea in Bali. Lilja really enjoyed her time at Udayana University.[/caption]

I had just finished my university studies in Sweden and I wanted to do something completely different and adventurous. I wanted to go abroad and preferably some place exotic but I didn’t yet know where. By chance I discovered an exchange program which provided everything I was looking for – exotic environment, a chill atmosphere and beaches along with taking a few courses at a university. It was decided that I would join the Bali International Program on Asian Studies. I had to go to Bali during the fall of 2010!

Jumping in the pool

It was an amazing experience and a great opportunity to experience Asian culture and learn about Bali. This study abroad program made it possible for students to enjoy Bali and everything it has to offer. Hence, it gave us a chance to live the life of a student in Southeast Asia. The schooling system was indeed different than in Sweden or Finland for that matter but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. For me one part of the exchange was to experience a different culture and that’s what we all did whilst having a good time discovering Bali.

Bali - Padang Padang Beach

I would definitely recommend anyone to participate in this exchange program. It is without a doubt an unforgettable experience of which you’ll learn so much from. Along with taking a few courses at university you’ll learn so much about yourself.

Bali had everything one could ever wish for. Along with great nightlife, beaches, surfing and not to forget the beautiful scenery – it is truly the island of gods as the Balinese say!
Do I need to say more?

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