Life in China for international students: Benefits, tips, and the easiest way to enroll in one of the country’s top university

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How is life in China for international students?

Among all Asian countries, China’s success has inspired many, including international students who wish to study there. From being a sleeping giant, it became an unstoppable juggernaut, consistently taking away the title of having the second most impressive GDP worldwide. 

Today, let us introduce life in China for international students. We will also include valuable tips and the fastest and easiest way to enroll in the country. 

Advantages of studying in China

Life in China is refreshingly thrilling and fulfilling. If you plan to study in Shanghai and other cities in the nation, expect to gain the benefits below: 

  • Receive top-notch education from world-class learning institutions, such as Shanghai University. It carries distinction and recognition from World University Rankings, QS University Ranking, and Academic Ranking of World Universities.
  • Additionally, colleges in the country have specialized courses that adapt to the demands of the workforce today.
  • Your student life in China is productive as you can access valuable internships that benefit your career. More importantly, you can learn exceptional work ethics to stand out. 
  • Life in China is greatly influenced by traditional and ancient teachings that are still significant today. Living and studying in the nation allows for complete immersion, making you calmer, wiser, and fit for any challenges in life.  
  • Compared to other first-world countries, the cost of living in China for international students is more reasonable. We suggest researching for the best deals and bargains, from food to other necessities, before you arrive in the country. 

As you completely adjust and become familiar with the nation, expect more advantages to live and study there. Your life in China is undoubtedly rewarding and life-changing! 

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How to prepare for your life in China as an international student

After presenting the benefits, here are the best tips for a fun and fulfilling life in China as an international student.

1. Learn essential Chinese phrases

Start practicing Mandarin months before your flight to study abroad in China. Listening to podcasts, reading children’s books, watching free language video courses online, etc., generally helps you pronounce and speak the country’s language properly. It will also make your life in China more productive as you can connect with the locals effectively and create meaningful bonds. 

2. Ensure you have enough budget for the living expenses

Though a first-world country, life in China is pleasing for expats and international students as it generally has a reasonable cost of living. You may also look for alternatives, from accommodation and other basic needs, that perfectly suit your monthly budget.  

3. Get an insurance

To secure your life in China, get a student insurance. The Ministry of Education in China also requires international students enrolled in the country for more than six months to be insured. 

4. Look for an accommodation

Chinese universities can offer international students dormitories, cafeterias, laundry rooms, social spaces to interact with fellow students, and more. If you prefer to stay in private lodging, you may use available apps or join online communities for assistance. 

5. Open a bank account

Global learners studying in the country for more than three months must open a bank account. As a requirement, present your passport and student ID at major banks in the country.

6. Buy a SIM card

Upon arrival, you can buy a SIM card at the airport to stay in touch with your loved ones. Some colleges have partnerships with telecom companies and offer discounted rates.   

7. Immerse in the culture

Your life in China is refreshing and stimulating as it has a distinct lifestyle influenced by years of colorful traditions. To interact positively with your classmates, teachers, and residents, research proper etiquette and respect the culture. Maintaining personal space is also applicable when you’re exploring the country.

8. Join a community

After settling in, make connections and participate in groups for valuable support and connections. Sign up for university organizations for international students or join clubs that interest you. You may also volunteer for community projects and become familiar with the city’s residents. Doing so enriches your life in China and makes your stay productive.   

How to enroll at universities in China

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Apply now and start a refreshing and productive life in your dream destination! 

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Frequently Asked Questions about life in China for international students

Is China a safe place to live in?

Your life in China is secured as there is a strong police presence and harsh punishments for criminals. Moreover, there are CCTVs in significant areas of the city to monitor the safety of everyone. 

How is the public transportation in China for international students?

Studying in China, specifically Shanghai, is ideal as it has one of the best public transportation systems globally. Expect a worry-free life in China, as you can reach your destination consistently on time. 

How can I make connections and establish a good network in China?

Dining out is one of the best ways to create essential bonds with your new friends. Chinese food is highly regarded worldwide as flavorful, diverse, and inexpensive. Your life in China will be full of social gatherings filled with wonton soup, sweet and sour pork, Peking roast duck, chicken fried rice, spring rolls, and more!

Summing it up – Life in China for International Students

Whether you plan to study in China, BaliPortugal, or other exciting locations, your determination certainly plays a significant role in your success. Keep a high focus and imagine a better life after all the challenges living and studying in another country brings. 

Moreover, try new things and embrace a refreshing culture to open your perspective. But always remember your roots and be thankful for your home country, as it nourished you while you were still dreaming. 

Apply now and start your exhilarating life in China. You may also schedule a free counseling session today for further concerns.

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