Korean Language Program in Seoul: Top Programs Guaranteed To Expand Your Language in 2024 

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The best Korean language program in Seoul offers one thing: fully reaching your academic goals while learning to speak and understand Korean. With this, we listed the best Korean language programs in Seoul, the county’s premier and energetic city, to help you decide. 

Moreover, we also included essential considerations to help you choose the best Korean language program in Seoul.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Korean language program in Seoul

Enrolling in the country will be your best option to learn comprehensively from your Korean language program.

Aside from being an exciting dialect, learning Korean opens an expansive opportunity that can help you grow personally and professionally. But there are considerations in choosing the best Korean language program in Seoul:


Your budget plays an essential part in choosing where to enroll. Besides the tuition fee, you must consider other expenses like accommodation, food, monthly utilities, and emergency funds.

To learn more about the cost of studying in Korea, click here.

Korean language program in Seoul
Seoul is a captivating city that offers affordable accommodations to international students!


Seoul is a stunning city that will undoubtedly delight anyone. Renting in the area, near universities, may be ideal, but it may be a bit costly.

To help you lessen rent, look for “Goshiwon” housing near universities offering the best Korean language programs in Seoul.


Everyone has a specific preference when it comes to learning. Some enjoy larger classes as they can interact and learn from classmates. Others opt for a small setup where they can focus and absorb more information. With this, pick a class size where you are most comfortable to benefit from the course thoroughly.


Choose a university with an extensive recreational activity list for a study-life balance. Whether sports, arts, theaters, etc., joining organizations allows you to meet new friends, talk with the locals, and create long-lasting bonds.

“It’s okay to take a break” – Seoul offers unlimited activities during holidays!


Seoul is one of Asia’s most dynamic and beautiful cities, and school breaks are the perfect time to explore, have a vacation, and make the most out of studying abroad! Going on a trip can generally immerse you in the nation’s culture. Additionally, you can practice conversing with the locals!

The Best Korean Language Program Providers in Seoul

Now that you know the factors to consider in choosing a Korean language program in Seoul, below is a list of the best providers in the city:

1. Korean Language, Culture, and Business Immersion Program

Yongsan-gu, Seoul

The Korean Language, Culture, and Business Immersion Program is Seoul’s best Korean language program. Besides its excellent location near Namsan Botanical Garden and Yongsan Park, you will surely enjoy the nightlife, restaurants with delectable food, and more!

Furthermore, aside from taking the Korean language program in Seoul, you can join Asia Exchange’s eCampus during your semester.

The eCampus is a distance learning solution to give you freedom where you want to be while studying abroad. All courses taught at the eCampus can be joined independently of place and time, giving you the ultimate flexibility to combine your study abroad experience with various academic courses.

2. Korean language programs at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Dondaemungu, Seoul

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies offers two credible and in-demand Korean language programs in Seoul: “Intensive Korean Language Class” and Survival Korean Class.” The former generally occurs from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 1 PM.

The “Survival Korean course” is free, but students must pay for the textbook.

Additionally, international learners can participate in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies’ K-buddy program, where they team up with Korean students to learn more about the country.

3. Korean Language classes at Hanyang University

Seongdong District, Seoul

Hanyang University offers a renowned Korean language program in Seoul. It has a free Korean course for enrolled students at the ERICA Institute of International Education.

Moreover, the program consists of Intensive and Survival Korean classes. You can surely gain 13 credits from the former upon passing the course. On the other hand, completing the Survival program grants three credits.

4. Korean Language and K-Culture from Konkuk University

Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

Aside from learning the language, The Korean Language and K-Culture course at Konkuk University promises total immersion in the country. They offer classes ranging from 20 to 60 weeks and accept 16-year-old and above students.

Furthermore, besides being a popular Korean language program in Seoul, Konkuk University also has classes in Busan – another equally attractive and welcoming destination for international students.

5. Lexis Korea

Gangnam, Seoul

Lexis Korea is another in-demand Korean language program in Seoul. They have detailed listening, speaking, pronouncing, vocabulary, reading, writing, and grammar weekend courses.

Additionally, Lexis Korea offers a great location as it is in the famous Gangnam District.

6. RK Korean plus K-POP course by Rolling Korea Language & Culture School

Seogyo-dong, Seoul

Aside from learning the language, the RK Korean plus K-POP course is specifically designed for students who want to experience the country’s fantastic music scene through dance and singing lessons.

Additionally, this innovative Korean language program in Seoul utilizes clips from YouTube, music videos, news, and more to make learning fun and memorable!

7. Easy Korean Academy

Gangnam-gu, Seoul

If you prefer to study in a more intimate setup, Easy Korean Academy’s Regular Course is for you. They conduct classes for a maximum of 12 students for three hours four times a week.

The Easy Korean Academy is a known provider of the Korean language program in Seoul. It explicitly uses its published textbooks to enhance students’ pronunciation and grammar learning experience.

8. Green Korean Language School

Jongno-gu, Seoul

If you are looking for a Korean language program in Seoul specifically scheduled in the evening, the ones offered by Green Korean Language School classes are perfect for you.

GKLS offers 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM classes with subjects ranging from listening to vocabulary. Additionally, teachers in this learning institution are specifically trained and experienced. Moreover, GKSL set an intensive hiring process for teachers to ensure students know Korean culture and language.

9. EF International Language Center

Gangnam-daero, Seoul

Founded in 1965, EF International Language Center, or simply EF, is a respected institution that offers a reliable Korean language program in Seoul. It has A1 to C2 level classes for 12 to 33 weeks.

Moreover, EF offers program packages for international students, including accommodation and meal plans. You can choose from a hotel, local residence, homestay, etc.

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Let’s sum it up!

Studying in South Korea is a surely life-changing experience, and enrolling in Seoul’s best Korean language program doubles the fun!

Imagine waking up and living in this vibrant city that certainly motivates you to be the best version of yourself!

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