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Enroll in the Kasetsart University International Program and receive global accreditations while living in an exciting location!

Kasetsart University (KU) is a leading academic institution admired for its wide array of courses, specifically life sciences and agriculture. It welcomes global learners through the Kasetsart University International Program, offering educational courses constantly updated through innovation, research, and internationalization.

More importantly, KU is located in Bangkok and is famous for offering a multicultural atmosphere where students can learn different skills essential for personal and professional development. Imagine living in a fascinating location with a deeply rooted culture and natural wonders you can discover during school breaks!  

With that, we will discuss everything about the Kasetsart University International Program, including the fastest and most affordable way to enroll in one of the region’s most admired learning institutions.

Why Study at Kasetsart University?

Kasetsart University (KU), founded in 1943, is Thailand’s most prominent public research university. It holds many distinctions locally and globally, attracting many global learners to enroll in the Kasetsart University International Program. Studying at KU guarantees the following stimulating benefits: 

Quality education

KU delivers world-class education through its undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. You may choose from many specializations, including social sciences, business administration, agriculture, humanities, and more.

Modern facilities

Enjoy state-of-the-art classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, etc., designed to make learning efficient, productive, and fun. More importantly, curricula are constantly updated to meet the demands of evolving professional needs. 


One of the most impressive gains from enrolling in the Kasetsart University International Program is internationalization. In addition to upgrading your education, expect essential intercultural interaction that helps build an exceptional network.

Cooperation with the community

KU actively engages with the community for sustainable development and cooperates with industry leaders, NGOs, etc., to make valuable societal improvements.

More advantages await you upon entering the Kasetsart University International Program! Continue reading to learn more.   

Kasetsart University International Program

Kasetsart University International Program

The Kasetsart University International Program’s vision is to become Asia’s number-one institution dedicated to enhancing a learner’s personal and professional opportunities through diverse academic programs. 

Moreover, it also aspires to meet the administrative needs of global learners by consistently providing comprehensive services.

Additionally, it strives to establish courses and global academic programs with multidisciplinary expertise and encourage continuous learning. 

Highlights of the Kasetsart University International Program:

Multicultural teaching staff

The Kasetsart University International Program faculty comprises prominent experts from around the world. Their global experience enhances enrollees’ learning processes, adding techniques and valuable perspectives to courses. 

International syllabus

The Kasetsart University International Program offers a diverse selection of English-language courses. All are specifically designed to equip learners with impressive abilities and knowledge to be future frontrunners. You may choose from Business Administration, Environmental Science, Tourism, Agriculture, and Engineering.

Professional support and valuable internships

In addition to internships with top businesses and other institutions for networking and significant hands-on exposure, the Kasetsart University International Program assists in career building. It ensures students have the ideal skills after graduation and can seamlessly adjust to the demands of the modern workforce.

Be part of a warm and welcoming international community

KU promotes an accommodating academic environment with cooperation, cross-cultural empathy, and tolerance. Its lively and multi-ethnic setting trains learners how to work and produce impressive results by respecting differences and combining valuable talents. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is student life in Bangkok, Thailand? 

Bangkok is one of Asia’s most influential and visited cities, so expect a thrilling study abroad adventure. In addition to leveling up your education through the Kasetsart University International Program, you will enjoy a multicultural environment with modern infrastructure, historical sites, exciting food, and more! 

In addition, expect thrilling school breaks as the country offers some of the best scenic areas in Asia. Living and studying in Bangkok is generally safe; however, stay alert for scams and possible frauds. 

Is it expensive to study in Thailand?

The cost of living in the country is surprisingly affordable! Depending on your preference and lifestyle, $400 to $700 can cover all your monthly expenses in Bangkok. 

Additionally, there are many ways to budget your monthly expenses as a student in the country. For a comprehensive list and tips, click HERE.

Does KU provide non-degree international programs?

Yes, KU offers internships, short-term courses, training or research programs, and exchange programs (study with credit required) for global learners. 

How to apply to the Kasetsart University International Program?

Asia Exchange, Europe’s most successful international study abroad organization and a part of Keystone Education Group can help you enroll in the Kasetsart University International Program!

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Apply now and start your life-changing academic adventure toward achieving educational success! You may schedule a free Zoom meeting to discuss your concerns.

In a nutshell

Besides internalization, expect the best version of yourself after completing the Kasetsart University International Program. Envision an increased confidence level, be more independent, learn one of Asia’s most significant languages, broaden your global perspective, acquire refreshing learning styles, access your dream internship, and other thrilling advantages of studying overseas

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