Interview with our students Heta and Tiina from Finland

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Only 2 more weeks of the spring semester 2013 left. Here’s what our two Finnish students have experienced so far!

Tell us about you

I’m Heta Länkä 24 years old and I’m from Somero and now I’m living now In Turku Finland. I study Beauty Management in Turku University Of Applied Sciences.

And I am Tiina Linna and I am 23 years old. I come from Askola, but I study in Turku. I also study Beauty Management in Turku University of Applied Sciences.

two girls cuddling with python snake
Tiina (left) and Heta (right) at the Bali Zoo

What made you decide to come here to do your semester abroad?

H: I got the idea to come here from my friend Miraz who was in same exchange program before in 2011.

T: I got the idea for student exchange in Bali from a friend of mine, who’s friend had done a semester here before. It was kind of a sudden decision.

How do you find the university? What’s your favorite course?

HUdayana University is very good and teachers and employes are very nice and helpful. Everyone can speak very good English so it’s easy to come here to do your exchange. I think that my favorite course is Literature. Teacher is the best! Campus area is pretty nice also and the food from the canteen is also very good, my favorite food there is nasi soto.

excursion to besakih temple in bali indonesia
Excursion to Besakih temple

T: Udayana University is good, the teachers/employees and other students are also nice. All the teachers can speak good English and they are helpful. My favorite course is Bahasa Indonesia because I like language studies and it is always interesting and useful to learn the local language.

Has the semester and life in Bali been what you’ve expected? 

H: Yeah its been so good i haven’t missed home at all!! We have meet so many nice people and have lots of new friends and its pretty good to live in a  Villa with a Pool  Weather is amazing here in Bali and Balinese people here are nice and the culture here is so unique. Didn’t experience a big culture shock but i was a little bit afraid of the traffic but now i drive everywhere with my scoopy (scooter)

 one of temple in bali indonesia
Balinese temple. Hindu culture is everywhere.

T: The semester abroad has been amazing! School is going well and everything has been what I’ve expected and more! I have made lots of new friends and learned about culture and history here in Bali. I have not had any culture shocks or been homesick, okay maybe sometimes I miss my mommy, daddy and three cats!  I have also grown so much as a person here and gained confidence.

It’s almost the end of the semester. What are your favorite memories?

 views in kintamani bali, gunung agung
Road trip! There’s so much more to see than just beaches

H: I have so many good memories this has been my best spring ever!! For example trips to Gili islands, trip to Cambodia, pool parties, amazing beaches (nikko beach), surfing lessons and great people (locals and other travelers). I’m sad to be going home but i’ll definitely come back here after christmas  After  the graduation we’re planning to go to Mengjangan island to snorkel and sun bath  We have still 3 weeks to go.

T: My favorite memories here are the trip to Gilis (where I snorkled for the first time – loved it) and the many crazy parties in Kuta. I have never before travelled so far away from home, so everything is new and exciting to me! Hard to pick just a few memories. Surfing lessons have been a great experience although I am not good at it  We also did a road trip with a car, with no travel plan – it was fun and spontaneous!

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Anything you’d like to say to people considering participating in this exchange program?

H: Yeah people should definitely come here amazing island and culture  Sun, surfing, beach, people, villas, traveling, no stress.

T: To the people who are considering coming to study here in Bali I want to say – DO IT!  The experience will be so amazing and unforgettable! I have not regretted any moment her