Insights of an alumni at Hanyang University ERICA Campus in Ansan, South Korea

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Helpful insights of my study abroad experience at Hanyang University

Hi guys! I’m Fulya, and I studied for one year at Hanyang University (HYU) on the ERICA Campus in Ansan with Asia Exchange. I could not go to Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul because I study architecture, which is not offered at HUFS. However, I didn’t want to miss the chance to go to Korea after all. So, I decided to go to Hanyang University. Ansan is part of the Seoul National Capital Area and is a big city that offers many activities, even if it is fewer than in Seoul (Seoul is, of course, much bigger and the capital). In the following, I will tell you about my different experiences over a whole year. I will tell you about the Hanyang University ERICA, dormitories on campus, and about the city of Ansan itself, my experiences. So, stay tuned!

Hanyang University ERICA Campus in Ansan, South Korea
Hanyang University ERICA Campus in Ansan, South Korea, during the magical cherry blossom season.

Campus life at Hanyang University Erica

Hanyang University is one of the famous universities in South Korea with two campuses (Seoul and Ansan). ERICA campus is very large and has many gathering areas where you can hang out during breaks and also outside of class. All the faculties are spread around the campus, where you can observe the beautiful parks and campus grounds on your way.  At the gate (entrance of the campus) there are several restaurants and stores where you can balance your daily needs. You can go shopping at the supermarket or eat traditional Korean food at the restaurants. If you don’t feel like studying in the library, you can also go to the “study cafes”. There are a lot of them at the gate.

Dormitories at hyu erica campus:

The dormitories are separated between boys and girls. The respective rooms are two-person rooms, with your own bed, closet, desk with shelf (including bathroom). On every second floor, there is a microwave for heating meals and washing machines. In addition, there is a water dispenser with hot and cold water on each floor. By living in the dorms, you get to know many people from all over the world. This drives away the loneliness, and you meet new people with whom you can do various activities during your study time.

dorm at Hanyang University ERICA Campus in Ansan, South Korea
If you decide to live in the dormitory, that’s how your room will look like.

On the first floor, there is a cafeteria where you can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. Besides the cafeteria, there are also other stores where you can order, e.g., Korean Fried Chicken, “Kimbap” or Tteokbokki. In addition, there is also a so-called “convenience store” where you can buy other additional stuff (food, drinks, fruits/vegetables, toilet paper, etc.) and a small store for school supplies.

The dorm building is located on the ERICA campus in a beautiful area.

In general, the dorms are much cheaper than an Airbnb. I opted for the dorms because I could travel with the leftover money (what I would normally spend on an Airbnb). If you do decide to go with an Airbnb and study at Hanyang University, I would recommend taking Line 4 in the Seoul vicinity, as Airbnbs in Ansan are more expensive than in Seoul. Also, Line 4 goes directly to Ansan, where you can take a bus to the campus.

dorm view Hanyang University ERICA Campus in Ansan, South Korea
Enjoy a great view from your dorm over the campus, city skyline and mountains.

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Ansan City

Ansan, a city of about 600,000 people, is located in the west of South Korea on the Western Sea and is about 25km from the capital Seoul. A few kilometers away from campus, you will find more active areas and large shopping streets with many stores and restaurants (e.g., Jungang-dong or Gojan-dong).

Public transport and Connection to Seoul

The public transportation system is very well planned, and you have many ways to visit Seoul or other cities from the campus. First, there is a campus bus that departs free of charge directly in front of the dorms every 20 min to the subway station (“Hanyang University at Ansan Station” – Line 4) of Hanyang University. There are also two other bus lines that go directly to Seoul. So, from the campus, you have a very good and fast connection to the capital (about 1 hour drive). In Ansan, there is also a bus terminal where you can visit other Korean cities by bus.

Ansan city in South Korea, Hanyang University ERICA Campus in Ansan, South Korea
Ansan is not only close to central Seoul but also has a lot to offer itself!

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Pre-organisation for studying abroad at hyu erica

I had the D-4-Visa, which everyone gets. It’s valid for three months, so it means that you need to enter the country in three months. The duration you can stay in Korea you will get from the Immigration Office. They are writing the date of your duration on the ARC. Normally, you can stay two more weeks after the semester ends for traveling. At that time, I ordered the “Korea Simcard” from Amazon as a quick first solution. Later, I bought “Chingutong Friends,” which I think only cost 50,000 won for the semester (10,000 won per month). If the actual prices differ, I can still tell you that it was the cheapest. For limitless mobile data, you pay little, and it works fine.

I got my insurance in Germany with ADAC because it’s a good option, and my parents have been members there for years. Furthermore, the total price for the semester was relatively cheap. Otherwise, many have also taken out insurance with “HanseMerkur”. You pay the national insurance only when you apply for your ARC, and you get it. Therefore, do not worry about it. Hanyang will contact you in this regard.

Hanyang University ERICA campus
The campus of Hanyang University ERICA has many beautiful spots like the lion lake.

My experience studying abroad at Hanyang University ERICA Campus in South Korea

In summary, I can say that anyone who wants to do a semester abroad in Korea should not pass up the opportunity. Outside of the capital, Seoul, the other universities and cities also offer fun activities. Especially since you have a great way to reach Seoul from any city, it is a short trip in which you gain fascinating experiences and beautiful memories for life. If you have the chance in your studies, I would recommend going abroad once. It has positive effects on you personally as well as on your studies!

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. Stay healthy!


Ansan city, South Korea
Hanyang University and Ansan will welcome you with open arms!