How to study abroad in Japan: Steps to have guaranteed seamless application for international students

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Are you looking for easy steps on how to study abroad in Japan? We can guide you!

Worldwide, Japan is equally admired for its impressive progress in economy and technology.

Moreover, the Japanese are known to be among the most respectable globally, from their work ethics to their overall way of life.

With this, let us guide you on how to study abroad in Japan. We will also include the advantages of enrolling in the country, plus provide answers to frequently asked questions.

how to study abroad in Japan

Why study in Japan?

There are many outstanding reasons to study in Japan. Here are some of the significant advantages:

Acclaimed educational system

Japan is known to produce the best students globally. They excel in Science, Math, Engineering, etc. Aside from academic learning, universities also focus on teaching morals and ethics, essential in producing exceptional professionals.

Pristine and secure environment

Learners searching the internet on how to study abroad in Japan most probably read the country’s clean and safe reputation. Generally, expect a secure nation with reliable authorities to keep you safe.

Fast forwarding country in terms of innovation and economy

Japan has introduced many innovations enjoyed in every corner of the world. Additionally, it is one of the strongest economies globally. With this, you will enjoy living in a fast-forwarding nation that inspires you in many ways.

Many stimulating places to visit during school breaks

Summer or winter breaks in the country are exciting as you can see relaxing tourist attractions. If you plan to study in Tokyo, Ueno Park, Meiji Jingu, Tsukiji Outer Market, and Yoyogi Park are some of the best places to go.

Great internships and job possibilities

Aside from helpful internships, learners searching online on how to study abroad in Japan have the ultimate goal of working in the nation. With major companies in cosmetics, transportation, electronics, and more, you can expect the utmost productivity after graduating.

how to study abroad in Japan

How to study abroad in Japan

Now that you know the advantages of enrolling in the country, here are steps to study abroad in Japan.

1. Do a research

Researching is an effective way to know essential details in your study abroad plans. Below are some critical information you need to know on how to study abroad in Japan:

  • The cost of studying and living. To learn about the living expenses in Japan, click HERE
  • Cultural differences between your home country and Japan
  • Specific laws 
  • Climate

Once you have understood essential information, you will be more inspired to study in the country.

2. Choose an educational program

Finding a program is one of the most critical steps in “how to study abroad in Japan. Answer the following questions to guide you:

  • What are your interests? 
  • What do you want to achieve after graduating?
  • What industry would you like to focus on?

Aside from the educational course, it would help if you chose your ideal study length, preferred accommodation, and other related matters. 

Moreover, to know the best universities in the nation, click here.

3. Start your application

Start your online application by sending requirements such as an official transcript of records, a copy of your high school diploma (if you’re not currently enrolled), and a clear copy of your passport’s identification page.

4. Get a visa

Apply for a student visa if your chosen educational program requires more than 90 days in the country. Note that the application process may take several months, so start early!

5. Look for accommodation

Another critical factor in how to study abroad in Japan is accommodation. Consider the location, distance from your university, and safety in choosing. It must also be near stores where you can buy necessities.

In addition, the country offers many types of housing for international students, such as homestays, dormitories, and apartments.

6. Schedule your flight

Booking a flight doesn’t need to be costly, as many apps let you buy at an affordable price. You may use Google Flights, Skyscanner, Kiwi, and more.

To further lessen the airfare cost, purchase a ticket months before you arrive in Japan. You may also regularly check for discounts or promos.

7. Learn Japanese

Learning how to speak and understand basic Japanese certainly guarantees a successful immersion. Aside from effective communication with the locals, you can surely create meaningful bonds that expand your appreciation of the country. 

8. Arrival in Japan!

After following our guide on how to study abroad in Japan and arriving in the country, it’s time for a life-changing journey!

Here are some tips to fully enjoy your study and stay in the country:

  • Respect the culture and follow the laws of the land
  • Participate in various school and community activities 
  • Keep in touch with family and friends back home
  • Discover a new hobby in the country
  • Visit scenic spots during school breaks

Proven methods to effectively learn Japanese

After learning how to study abroad in Japan, we will teach you the best ways to learn the country’s language to make your journey highly effective.

Firstly, start with the basics. The two main 30-letter Japanese alphabets are Hiragana and Katakana. The former is the standard alphabet, while the latter is for foreign-derived words. Equally, mastering these two first allows you to learn Kanji more easily.

Moreover, listening to Japanese podcasts generally helps you understand and pronounce Japanese more effectively.

Furthermore, you can also download books and comics for childrenThey are practical tools for learning Japanese as they are easy to understand and made for international demand.

how to study abroad in Japan

Frequently asked questions on how to study abroad in Japan

What are the popular programs to study in Japan?

Engineering, Architecture, Data Science, Marketing, Economics, Social Sciences, and Marketing are some of Japan’s most in-demand courses for international students.

What are the famous cities to enroll in Japan for international students?

Aside from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Sendai, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Tsukuba, Sapporo, Kobe, and Chiba are the favorite cities of global learners. They offer ideal living conditions, an authentic Japanese experience, and some of the country’s best learning institutions.

What is the easiest and fastest way to study in Japan?

Asia Exchange, the biggest and most international European study abroad organization globally, offers Study at Tokyo eCampus by Undiknas University.

Aside from seamless application and the most affordable tuition fee, you will surely enjoy professional and innovative support from our international team.

More importantly, our eCampus allows you to study in BLINK, Japan’s number one co-working space, with access to significant city establishments.

Summing it up

Now that you know how to study abroad in Japan, it’s time to start your application!

Schedule a free online consultation today and prepare for a fantastic study abroad in the land of the rising sun.

Additionally, you may read inspiring stories in Student Experiences. Regularly visit our Blog section to learn everything about enrolling overseas.

Finally, besides Japan, our Virtual Booth has more exciting study abroad destinations.

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