Let´s Work Together to Keep Bali a Tropical Paradise!

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Join the green movement in Bali!

You might have heard it before but it´s good to remind you – by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish by weight in the oceans. That´s a reality check which is hard to grasp. But nowhere else is it more obvious what damages plastic cause than in third world countries. Without the right education and proper recycling facilities, plastic tends to end up on the beaches and into waterways. Bali is no exception.

White sand beach and clear blue water during sunset Join the green movement and help to keep Bali a tropical paradise! Photo by Sean O / CC BY

Though Bali lives up to its reputation, clear blue water and white sand beaches, there are months where the west coast gets flooded with plastic waste. During wet season when the currents turn direction, plastic waste finds its way mainly from Java to the coastlines of Bali. Sadly, Indonesia is second only to China when it comes to dumping plastic waste into the world´s oceans.

A man and a women dressed in traditional hindu clothes are sitting down and performing a ritual The unique culture is one out of many reasons why Bali is a hot spot for tourists to visit. Photo by Artem Bali / CC BY

Over the last decades, Bali has become a hot spot for tourists to visit. No wonder as the island is a surfer’s paradise and mecca to all yoga enthusiasts around the world. On top of that, the pristine landscapes and unique culture have helped the small island to list itself as one of the top 10 must visit destinations in the world.

A wagon filled up with plastic bags On December 24th 2018, history was made with the announcement that single-use plastic will finally be banned in Bali in 2019. You can no longer buy plastic bags in super markets around the island.  Photo by Lance Grandahl / CC BY

As being one of the most visited destinations the expression “with great power comes great responsibility” applies to Bali. With constant media attention from abroad, the small island has the chance to impact and inspire the rest of the country to reduce the plastic waste. And Bali is living up to these expectations. By saying no to plastic bags and reducing the use of plastic straws, the island of gods is now making small steps to ensure a big impact on the plastic pollution in the near future.

Trash Hero Canggu and Green School Bali are two out of many admirable organizations who strive to implement a zero-waste lifestyle for both locals and tourists. By educating and showing what harm plastic has to the environment, both initiatives are among many front speakers in a green movement that is growing in Bali.

As a student coming to Bali, you have the golden chance to be part of the green movement and help to make a change. Join beach clean ups, make donations and reduce your overall consumption. Do your best in order to change the environment in the community around you. We have to work together in order to keep Bali a tropical paradise.

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