How to balance social and academic life when studying in Malaysia 

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The best 7 tips to balance social and academic life during your studies abroad in Malaysia

There are many places to study abroad while you’re in college, but Malaysia is one of the best. Every year, students go there to experience the rich culture and fun opportunities. The colleges have some of the most exciting and challenging programs too. However, you may need some tips on how to manage your studies and friendships while you’re abroad. If you want to know how to balance social and academic life when studying in Malaysia, read these tips to prepare yourself for future educational travels. 

1. Create a Student Budget

The average cost of items in Malaysia is much more affordable than in the U.S. Students who travel there to study abroad are often surprised by how much farther their money can stretch. Creating a new budget will help you find that out for yourself. Calculate your monthly income and subtract your routine expenses like groceries, rent, school supplies and things like subscription bills. You’ll know what’s left to spend on meals with friends and other activities around the city where you study.

2. Ask for Help When Needed

No one gets everything right all the time. You may struggle to balance your social and academic life and feel like you’re losing your hold on one or the other. Always feel free to ask someone for help. You’ll have study abroad peers, counselors and teachers who can give advice. They may have experienced the same thing in college or helped previous study abroad students. A new perspective could be just what you need to make the proper adjustments and conquer your studies in Malaysia.

3. Make a Study Schedule

Whether you’re taking summer, fall or spring classes, making good grades is always easier when you feel confident in your study abilities. Transform your study experience by scheduling classes around your studies. Taking morning classes could free up a few hours in the afternoon to memorize flashcards. No matter how you prefer to study, setting a schedule can keep your grades on track so you can have as much fun as you want. Setting time limits can also help you establish a firm line between school and play.


4. Find Educational Social Opportunities

There are a few ways you can combine your social and academic life when studying in Malaysia. Consider your future career and find internships or volunteer jobs related to that dream role. You’ll build your resume and apply your studies in real life while meeting new friends. Every time you leave your apartment to train for your career, you’ll also hang out with people you love and have plenty of fun. It’s another way to make memories while investing in your education.

5. Research the Weather

After arriving in Malaysia, you might feel pressured to skip classes or study group plans to take advantage of the nice weather. There’s no need to ruin your studies to hang out on a pretty day. Malaysia stays between 77° and almost 85° Fahrenheit all year. When the monsoon season begins, you can switch your plans to watching movies or playing video games. Preparing for the seasons can help you stay cool and dry while you’re with friends or walking to class, preventing you from needing to cancel.

6. Practice Saying No to balance social and academic life

Peer pressure might seem like a high school problem, but it affects people of all ages. You may feel more pressured to either avoid social outings or attend too many of them while abroad. Studying in another country can feel like being on vacation and becoming aware of that reality will help you navigate it. Practice saying no by reminding yourself your studies are worth your time, just like events with friends. You’ll find the right balance as you get used to your new schedule.

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7. Commit to Seasonal Events

Think about the time of year you’ll be abroad. Which seasonal events will happen while you’re in the country? You can always plan to attend a few with your friends to avoid feeling like you’re studying too much. Everyone can look forward to stopping by the Mooncake Festival in August or the Water Festival in April while your brains feel stuck in textbooks at your apartment or the library. Take some time to experience local culture while you’re away from home.

Make the Most of social and academic life in Malaysia

Anyone can learn how to balance their social and academic life when studying in Malaysia. Use these tips for your upcoming experience. You’ll prepare for the change in location and culture so your transition goes as smoothly as possible. No matter what you plan to study or how many friends will travel with you, you can have a great time away from home without compromising your grades. All it takes is trying something new, asking for help and giving yourself time to get used to your new routine.

academic life and social life at university
You’ll build your resume and apply your studies in real life while meeting new friends.

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