How to apply to universities in Korea fast and easy this 2024!

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Are you planning to apply to universities in Korea? Let us help you!

Besides its influential and vibrant culture, Korea offers the best universities to upgrade your skills and global employability. The country delivers high-quality education in Business, social sciences, engineering, and other specializations.

Additionally, South Korea’s energy is perfect for those wanting exposure to anything dynamic. Large and modern buildings decorate the city, technology is particularly flourishing, and there is always a need for fresh talents.

Today, we will assist you with how to apply to universities in Korea. We will also provide highlights about the country’s education system, requirements, answers to frequently asked questions, and steps on how to apply to universities in Korea. 

Apply to universities in Korea

Quick facts about the Korean educational system

South Korea is one of the countries that spend a large chunk of its annual GDP on higher education, including the cost of college admissions. The country also has a strict entrance procedure for its higher education learning institutions.

Here are highlights of the Korean educational system:

  • The country’s three most prestigious higher learning institutions are Seoul National University, Korea University, and Yonsei University. Studying at the SKY Universities is generally a privilege; their graduates are recognized nationwide.
  • Furthermore, other notable universities in the country are Hankuk University (the number one international university in Korea), Hanyang University (one of the best engineering universities in Korea), and Dong-A University (the best private university in Busan).
  • Students in the country must take the eight-hour College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT). Questions on the CSAT are based on Korea’s high school curriculum and will specifically show how well a candidate can study in college.
  • The score on the CSAT is essential to the nation’s college admission, and families allot massive amounts of money to private lessons for their children to pass. Generally, the cost of hiring tutors is 4 million Korean won.
  • Education and literacy are the two vital factors that helped its growth as one of the tiger economies in Asia. South Korea’s literacy sits at 22% after World War 2. Now, it soars at 97%.
  • The country is one of the most favored destinations by international students. Learners from all over the world apply to universities in Korea and trust the nation’s educational standards. From 17,000 in 2004, South Korea now has 167,000 global students. With this, the Korean government created beneficial policies, such as bilingual courses and tuition fee assistance.

Application requirements to apply to universities in Korea

Once you have decided to apply to universities in Korea, ensure you have the requirements below:

For students who are not enrolled in their home university:

  • An official high school graduation certificate and high school Transcript of Records, or if you are a college graduate, a graduate certificate and official college Transcript of Records in English
  • A copy of the identification page of your passport
  • A color photo for your student ID card with a white background

For those who are currently enrolled in their country:

  • An Official Transcript of Records in English
  • A certificate of enrollment in English
  • A copy of the identification page of your passport
  • A color photo for your student ID card with a white background

International learners specifically applying to a bachelor’s degree program:

Please note all documents must be submitted in English

  • Official High School Transcript and graduation certificate(Apostille or Consular Confirmation) in English
  • Personal statement and a study plan limited to one A4 page in English (why do you want to apply to universities in Korea, what are you planning on studying, and more )
  • A copy of the identification page of your passport
  • A passport-style color photo with a white background
  • Official language certificate
  • Copies of your parents’ passports (or official documents indicating parents’ nationality)
  • An official document showing a parent-child relationship between the applicant and their parents

Required documents for students from OECD countries:

  • Official Transcript of Records (in English, German, or French) from your home university
  • A passport-style color photo with a white background
  • A scanned copy of your valid passport
  • Proof of insurance (in English)
  • Filled out Financial Affidavit
Apply to universities in Korea

How to apply to universities in Korea

As long as you have complete and valid documents, it is generally easy to apply to universities in Korea. Here are the steps for enrolling in a Korean learning institution.

1. Choose a Korean university based on your preference, including location, study duration, budget, and more. Aside from learning, check the area’s leisure activities for a study-life balance.

Busan and Seoul certainly have top-notch learning institutions offering specialized courses. Check out the best learning institutions for those planning to apply to business courses here.

2. After deciding where to apply to universities in Korea, make sure you are eligible and can enroll before the deadline. You may also apply for a scholarship upon specifically meeting the academic qualifications.

3. Complete and collect the admission requirements early. Some prerequisites generally take longer to finish than others, so start the application process early to get a lot done before the deadline.

4. Upload the admission requirements needed to apply to universities in Korea. Again, ensure to submit your application before the deadline.

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What happens after I apply to universities in Korea?

Wait for further instructions from your chosen Korean university. For a smoother process, ask for assistance from studying abroad providers that specifically offer counseling and Student Support Services from leading experts, visa guidance, communication with your home university, and other essential procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to apply to universities in Korea?

International students must apply to universities in Korea six months in advance, in March or April, to begin in the fall and September or October for a spring start.

Is it expensive for international students to live and study in Korea?

Before you apply to universities in Korea, it is essential to know the living expenses in the country. Generally, the cost of living in the country is reasonable. To view an updated list from tuition fees to necessities, click HERE.

Furthermore, plan your expenses in the country through our Budgeting guide. Download the budgeting spreadsheet to see an estimate of your study abroad costs.

Can international students work while studying in Korea?

Yes, global learners can work 25 hours weekly to help with expenses and immersion in the working environment.

Is it safe to study in Korea for international students?

Yes! It is safe to enroll in Korea as the crime rates are low, and there are rules specifically made to ensure the welfare of global learners.

What is the academic culture at Korean universities?

Expect a competitive yet fun culture at Korean universities. Local students are welcoming and offer help when needed.

Technology, Business, and Korean studies are popular choices.

Do I need to learn Korean before I apply to universities in Korea?

It generally depends on the program and university if you need to learn the country’s language. For total immersion, being familiar with the Korean language is advisable. To know the best providers of Korean language courses in the country, click HERE.

Apply to universities in Korea

In a nutshell

It is generally easy to apply to universities in Korea! Just narrow down your choice, pick based on your preferences, complete your requirements, and submit your application on time.

Also, successful admission certainly requires double-checking your application. You can surely achieve academic success with preparation and dedication.

Apply now and start your life-changing journey! Visit our virtual booth for more information about the best universities in South Korea and in other parts of the world. Book free counseling today, and we will guide you on how to apply to universities in Korea.

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