How long does it take to learn Korean? Setting realistic and achievable expectations in 2024

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How long does it take to learn Korean?

South Korea is an inviting country offering a reasonable cost of living for international students, affordable language programs, the best universities for global learners, and more.

Mastering a new language is challenging, and if you wonder, “How long does it take to learn Korean?” different factors can affect grasping the dialect.

Let us help answer this query. We will also address other concerns and give valuable and proven tips to make learning Korean seamless.

How long does it take to learn Korean?

How long does it take to learn Korean? Is it the most challenging Asian language to grasp?

People tend to compare Korean with Japanese or Chinese, as they are all East Asian languages, including Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, and more.

In reality, Korean is easier to grasp than Japanese or Chinese. Why? Firstly, Korean is not a tonal dialect, which means one tone equals one meaning, regardless of accent or pronunciation.

Next, Korea’s writing system may look intimidating and need help understanding. Yet, comprehending Hangul, or the country’s alphabet, is generally straightforward as it assists in pronouncing Korean phrases.

How long does it take to learn Korean? How much time do I need to study Korean daily?

The Foreign Service Institute, or FSI, estimates an English speaker can achieve professional fluency after roughly 88 weeks or 2,200 hours of intensive study.

Moreover, FSI classified Korean as a category IV language or Super-hard language. However, remember that this rating does not account for the factors affecting language learning, which we will cover next.

Factors that affect your learning speed in Korean

Now that you know “How long does it take to learn Korean?” and other important information about the language, below are the factors that can affect your learning speed:

1. Prior language study experience

Students who have attended other language classes are more likely to learn Korean faster. Aside from experience, they are familiar with the best tools and approaches to comprehend fully.

Moreover, since they already have a background, students know their learning process and projected development, pushing them through various challenges during the language course.

2. Your native language

A native speaker of English may have a hard time learning Korean for many reasons. A good example is sentence structure. The English and Korean alphabets are distinct because the former utilizes a subject, verb, and object structure, while the Korean uses a subject, object, and verb format.

To overcome the said difference, recognizing the distinction can positively assist you in learning Korean.

3. Allotted study time

One prominent answer to the question “How long does it take to learn Korean?” is the time you spent learning the language. Aside from attending classes, you can speed up the process by subscribing to Korean series, podcasts, songs, and more.

Furthermore, the time you devote plays a significant part in mastering the language. Allotting 3 to 5 hours a day is already helpful. Also, remember that everyone has a specific learning time frame.

4. The techniques you apply

Your progress is affected based on the strategies you use. Today, online apps are widely available, offering many services, such as instant translation.

Traditional methods are still used, such as flashcards with graphics to make you remember the world through photos. It is advisable to test both and gauge which works best for you.

5. Your mindset and drive

Your attitude and purpose are the essential characteristics of “How long does it take to learn Korean?”.

Having the drive motivates you to attend your classes while maintaining the proper mindset allows you to conquer challenges successfully.

How to learn Korean faster and more effectively

After discussing the factors on “How long does it take to learn Korean?”, here are tips on how to grasp this exciting dialect quickly and efficiently.

– Concentrate first on significant words and phrases

Start to focus on essential terms and phrases first to learn Korean quickly. You can do this by listing words frequently used in movies or series.

– Use other learning resources

Aside from apps, you may also buy books, specifically those meant for kids. It is easier to understand and teaches essential words and proper sentence construction.

– Download and make new friends using Kakaotalk

Kakaotalk is Korea’s most popular communication program, almost replacing SMS messaging and phone calls due to its convenience.

Downloading the app allows you to look for a Korean pen pal or meet online friends. To start, join groups, introduce yourself, and say you want to practice their language. Refrain from asking, “How long does it take to learn Korean?” as it is already their mother tongue. Instead, add value to the conversation by asking and opening up pleasant topics.

– Fully embrace the Korean culture

Immersing with everything Korean – from food to entertainment to more- generally speeds up your learning process.

Our Korean Language, Culture, and Business Immersion Program surely makes learning this vital dialect fun and easy. Aside from affordable language classes, you can also participate in cultural activities like historical site visits, traditional market experiences, and festivals to understand South Korea’s traditions and customs.

How long does it take to learn Korean? Expected Progress

After a week, you can learn Hangul, Korea’s alphabet, by practicing for 15 minutes daily. In three months, you should be able to converse in small talk, given you practice half to one hour daily.

Finally, after a year, you can chat fluently using Korean by focusing on your daily lessons and practicing with family and friends.

Summing it up

Learning fundamental Korean is indeed a breeze if you have the determination and passion to grasp the language. Furthermore, enrolling in affordable language programs is highly advisable as you can experience total immersion.

Book a counseling today to start studying in one of Asia’s most fascinating regions. Our team of experts will gladly assist with all your concerns.

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