How is it like to study abroad at the eCampus?

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eCampus Program – Student Interview

Marlon Merten, 22 years old, from Germany is currently taking his semester abroad at Warmadewa University in Bali. He decided to integrate the e-campus program into his study abroad because the courses offered caught his attention and find them very interesting

Marlon is one of the first students that enrolled in the program since Asia Exchange has launched its platform. He’s very active and has been doing an excellent job in his distance learning.

Why did you decide to take an eCampus course(s)?

I decided to take an e-campus course because, in addition to the classic business administration courses, they offer very interesting courses on the study content at your own university. In addition, the e-campus courses offer a great opportunity to get credit for one or two additional courses at your own university, which were not creditable with the university abroad.

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The e-campus courses offer a great opportunity to get credit for one or two additional courses at your own university, which were not creditable with the university abroad

What are the preparations you made in taking your eCampus courses?

To be honest, I didn’t do much preparation. I just looked at the course content and chose exciting courses based on that. In the end, I found out whether they would ultimately be eligible for credit at my university.

Do you think online programs like e-campus courses are an effective tool for learning? Please explain.

Yes, definitely, because you can look at the content of the course when you want and so you can divide the days in your semester abroad as you want. In addition, the content of the e-campus courses is very diverse, so it is never boring to study the content.

What are the best things you like about the program?

I find it best that you can divide your time as you wish and that the content is taught extremely well and exciting.

What piece of advice you can tell other students about the eCampus program?

The courses of the e-campus program are very diverse so you can have a lot of courses credited by your home university. In addition, the classes are very small, so questions and comments are answered quickly.


There are indications that online learning can be more effective in a number of ways. To students who are interested in studying abroad, what are you waiting for? Study abroad and participate in the e-campus program and experience what it’s like to study with the best distance learning platform!

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Enjoy the freedom of studying online by joining the eCampus!

Do you want to study abroad and join distance learning classes from the eCampus? Find out more informationhere!

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The interview was conducted by Kathleen Almario General administrative specialist