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Looking for a place to stay in Bali during your studies? We can help you choose the best place for your comfort!

Bali is a beautiful island and a great place to spend your semester abroad – but remember, the island is much bigger than it looks. It takes time to get around the island especially with the traffic. So before choosing the right place to stay, think about the transport, food (market), activities and going-out at night. Here are a few areas that Asia Exchange students recommend!

Ricefield are one of the most important thing in Bali

Local experience

Kerobokan is close to Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu but more offside and a bit quieter then the other areas. If you live here, you are located more centrally and have a lot of possibilities to go out at night or just chill at a bar. Good surf spots are also close to this area. Kerobokan is about 30-45 minutes away from Jimbaran campus, but the students have said it’s not a problem because driving motorbike is fun. The Asia Exchange student Jacques would recommend Villa Bintang. It has a big garden, a nice pool, available for a good student price and it’s located perfectly in Kerobokan with a minimart close by. He also suggested Warung Sobat 2 in Kerobokan: “It’s the best warung we have eaten at in Bali!”

Kerobokan, Umalas. Popular area for expats to live Kerobokan, Umalas – Many expats decide to live in this area to be centrally located close to businesses and restaurants while still being in a more ‘local’ area.

City-life in Seminyak

Seminyak/Kuta is more of a choice for someone who wants city-life. A lot of clubs, bars and shopping opportunities are available here. From here it is about 30 minutes to the campus. If you like the nightlife and enjoy people always being around you, then this is definitely a good place to stay. You can walk to all the restaurant, clubs or even to the beach. Of course, you can also surf here too with so many surf schools to choose from and a long sand beach strip with a great view of sunsets. All sorts of accommodation options are easy to find here; there are so many to choose from like homestays, villas, local houses and kosts (a cheap lower-end apartment with all the necessities).

Beach in seminyak Seminyak beach – during sunset is the time when tourists, expats and locals meet on the beach to enjoy a great view together.

Kuta Legian street bars Kuta Legian street is filled with clubs and the themes change based on the time of there year and events, like in the picture, during Halloween.

The trending Canggu

Canggu is located on the southwest coast of Bali. There are great restaurants, cute cafés, beach, surfing, yoga, fresh juices and bars. Canggu is popular among the expats in Bali. It is a quieter laid back area to live. To Jimbaran campus it would take about 40 minutes up to an hour depending on the traffic – so be prepared to wake up early when you live here. Canggu is full of surfers, artists, designers, photographers and dreamers; this really gives you a good vibe while staying here in this rice field town.

Canggu driving by the rice fields Canggu – driving on small paths through the rice fields while feeling the good vibes. Be careful not to fall on the rice!

canggu echo beach is famous for the surfing suitable for intermediates and pros Canggu Echo Beach is famous for surfing and a great spot for wave- and people watching.

Charming Jimbaran

If you are studying a semester here and don’t want to be stuck in traffic, then maybe consider living near Jimbaran campus. Jimbaran is much quieter than Seminyak/Legian area but still has beautiful beaches for swimming and surfing. If you are more of an adventurer than a party student, you will love Jimbaran. There are many sport possibilities here, for example: surfing, yoga, beach exercise groups, gym or just playing soccer outside. Jimbaran has great local food and a lot of places to explore! If you do decide to go out: it’s only about a 30-minute taxi-ride to the clubs in Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu – and to Single Fin in Uluwatu. Remember to never drink and drive! Use Go-Jek, Uber or a taxi if you are partying! Asia Exchange student Malaika likes Jimbaran because it has a quiet, more natural charm, and you can spend your evenings hanging out with friends. She would recommend villa Puncak which is really cheap to stay at for students and a great place to hang out.

Restaurant cafe in Jimbaran In Jimbaran there are cute cafes and great places to eat local as well.

Night in Jimbaran beach At night Jimbaran beach comes to life with several places to eat on the beach. Any fresh seafood is a must-try!

Finding your home

Asia Exchange website can also help you find your perfect home in Bali. Most international students live in a villa with 4-10 housemates. The villas are stunning architectural creations, often with their own pools. The monthly rent per student is approximately 300 EUR. Typically cleaning service is included in the rent.

Bali student accommodation with pool

Find your accommodation

Table of Contents

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