Happy Birthday Colin!

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Our dear Colin Callagher, the contact person of Prince of Songkla University, reaches a special milestone in years this week! We wanted to give him something memorable for this special occasion, so here are some words about Colin from the Asia Exchange Team:

Suvi:During my visits to PSU, I have been really impressed by how amazingly well Colin takes care of international and local students alike. He is very helpful and always there for them. He also organizes many activities for students during the semester. Colin definitely has a big heart and I’m happy to work with him!

Anna-Mari:I’m sure a major reason why students enjoy studying in Phuket and PSU so much is the fantastic Colin. He’s a true professional in his work, not to mention how friendly and welcoming he is with the students. And you’d envy his endless energy!

Katariina:Warmhearted, funny, loving, caring, supportive, active, cheerful, amazing and true gentleman. These are the adjectives to describe Colin as a person. Our students in Phuket are the luckiest international students in the world to have Colin as a host university’s contact person. He is such a great role model for all his students, and also for the AE team!

Harri:My mother has always been a hard-core fan of Britishgentlemen. After getting to know Colin, I was able to truly understand why. Colin is a warmhearted and genuine person, who is impossible to not to be loved. He is always ready to help others around him, which can also be seen through the many charity projects he has organized. He sincerely cares about people around him and that makes him a veryspecial man. He gives sparks for everyone around and he is the first one dancing on a table. In addition, he’s a true professional, who makes learning fun. Colin knows fashion, especially when it comes to anything in pink. The fuel for him seems to be people’s smiles and enjoying life. Colin is worth of a million of selfies (a goal he has easily surpassed already). Happy round birthday my dear friend!

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May yourbirthday and all your tomorrows be full of joy and sparkly moments!

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