Hankuk University Course Finder Guide for 2024: Easy Steps Towards Your Dream Program

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Our Hankuk University Course Finder Guide is here to help you find the perfect program!

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies is one of the most prestigious Asian learning institutions, known for its impressive global rankings. Though the acceptance rate is challenging, international students still come annually to upgrade their education.  

To help your application, we created the Hankuk University Course Finder Guide. We will also introduce the fastest and easiest way to apply in HUFS!

Why Study at HUFS?

Before we go to the Hankuk University Course Finder Guide, below are some of the exciting reasons to enroll at HUFS in 2024:

  • Aside from its attractive location in the dynamic city of Seoul, HUFS boasts modern facilities. Student life is guaranteed to be fun, easy, and productive!
  • Global learners can choose from over 80 undergraduate and graduate courses with concentrations in Social Sciences, Business, Engineering, etc.
  • You will be under the guidance of a multi-awarded faculty, ensuring all lessons are well-planned and constantly updated.
  • HUFS offers free Korean language courses to international students to establish total immersion.
  • Graduating at HUFS guarantees a stable and progressive career in your chosen industry!

Experience more reasons to enroll at HUFS once you are part of the exciting international student community!  

Types of educational programs offered at HUFS

Before going to the Hankuk University Course Finder Guide, we will discuss the available courses in this prestigious learning institution.

HUFS offers Regular Degree Courses ranging from Business to Arts. These are open to all global learners with academic excellence and are passionate about cultural diversity and international education. 

On the other hand, Korean Studies for International Students concentrates on providing different proficiencies in the country’s language. Additionally, it includes immersive experiences conducted by qualified Korean instructors. 

Finally, Liberal Arts and Practical Foreign Languages programs cover valuable subjects from history to psychology. Aside from upgrading critical thinking and communication skills, students will also gain valuable knowledge of various cultures.   

Semester Dates

Spring semester dates: Spring March to June 

Orientation: February

Application deadline: October

Autumn semester dates: September to December

Orientation: August 

Application deadline: May

Hankuk University Course Finder Guide

Hankuk University Course Finder Guide

The Hankuk University course finder assists enrollees in exploring programs that match their professional ambitions. It offers vital information, which includes:

  • Program title and description
  • Learning instructor and department
  • Credits awarded after successful completion
  • Language of instruction
  • Requirements, if needed
  • Meeting times and location
  • Special limitations or notes

For detailed instructions on how to use the Hankuk University Course Finder, click HERE

Furthermore, take note of the following considerations:

Registration periods: Ensure to check deadlines as registration for semesters varies

Course availability: Some programs only have a limited number of slots.

Language of instruction: If the course will be in Korean. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge. 

Course restrictions:  Always check requirements in language level or major-restricted programs

Summing it up Hankuk University Course Finder Guide

HUFS offers a systematic process where you can view and understand your desired course further. Take advantage of it by using our Hankuk University Course Finder Guide.

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Additionally, visit our Blog Section to help you prepare. It covers everything, from reasons to study in Korea to the cost of living in the country

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