Give me a break, please!

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Student life in Bali is a combination of studying and free time – the key is to take the most out of your studies and enjoy what the island has to offer on your time off university. Sometimes the lectures have breaks, and the question is: what do the students in Bali do on their breaks?

Let´s takea look at Asia Exchange´s exchange students study-life at Udayana University in Bali. The university has more than 13 faculties and 3 large campus areas. The campus for international students is located in Bukit, Jimbaran, in SouthernBali. This is where the lectures are held and where the hardest work gets done.

In the between sweating over the studies students may have some breaks fora few hours even. Some of thestudents who have chosen to live further away from the campus, canbe staying around 45 minutes motorbike ride away from the campus, so going home in the between the classes on a two-hour break does not really make sense for everyone. Some students can see the the breaks as not exactly the highlight of their day yeta long break is also an opportunity, as some students see it that way!

So let´s go and ask the BIPAS- students how they make the most of their breaks!

Asia Exchange student, Volkan, opens his laptop and uses the free period for studying at the beautiful Jimbaran campus of Udayana University.

Swimming, eating & relaxing

Anne and Katja are staying only 10 minutes away from the campus area in Jimbaran. On the breaks they can go home, get cozy and relax there. But the girls have also found many other things to do in the neighbourhood of the campus.

The girls have a 2-hourbreak once or twice a week, and normally they use the time for having a loooong lunch at some of the nice warungs or cafeterias located close to the university. The girls like the breaks ”We are happy when we can eat and spend time with other students.”


Good place for long lunch! Anne and Katja often go to the Stop Makan –warung for nasi campur (mixed rice). Many students at Udayana University head here for lunch as the restaurant servest fast and tasty food for affordable price. The warung is located on Jl.Uluwatu, Jimbaran, Indonesia

I’ll have a fruit-juice with… umm… all the fruits!
It´s not too bad to just hang out at the green and clean campus area either!

“There´s also theCampus cafe down at the campus area. They have a wifi there, so time there can be used for studying.” girls continue.

If you feel like having a dip in a pool after your lunch, the girls hinted about Cafe La Pasion (on Jl. Pantai Balangan, Jimbaran) close to Balangan beach. Dipping in the ocean is also possible even on a shorter break as Jimbaran beach is only 10 minutes away.

School-break = Surf Break!

Lucas and Jacques from Germany don´t mind having breaks either! These two Asia Exchange students know how to take the most out of their breaks. ”Normally we head for a surf to Balangan or Dreamland beaches”. Lucas and Jacques find it really convenient to get to the beach from the campus by scooters and transporting the board on their board-racks.

It´s about 10-15 minutes motorbike-drive to Balangan beach from the campus. The directions to to Balangan, Dreamland and many other beaches can be found on Google maps. There’s also a few sneaky little shortcuts that you will only learn from the locals.

In Bali the campus dress code at universities prohibits wearing sandals or shorts. Showing your shoulders or naval area is neither permitted. The clothing differs a lot from the outfitswe are used to be wearing on the beach, right? Lucas and Jacques both admit that it´s not really practical to go to the beach straight from the campus (or return from the beach break either) because of the dress code.

”It´s really nice to get away from the long pants when you get to the beach, but on the other hand, after surf it´s a little bit dispiriting having to change back to the school uniform again before heading back to the university.” But this doesn´t stop the boys! There’s not many places in the world where you get to go surfing on your study break!

Would you like this to be your view on your lunch break rather than a slushy winter street? Then apply to study in Bali now!

You don´t have to worry about your board or other stuff either. The board can be stored at the office at the campus. On the beach while you´re surfing, your other stuff can be left to asafe place at any of the beach warungs. Your phone, money and other stuff is more safe at warungs than in your motorbike! After a surf, a hungry surfer can graba a tasty lunch while getting dry – and still make it to the next class on time.

And do you have to return back the campus coveredin white sand and with a salty body? No you don’t! Some warungs at Balangan beach offer facilities for showering and changing – how’s that for a study break!

Our newest partner university in Bali, Warmadewa University, is also only a ten minute ride away from the beaches! There’s still some time to apply to the new summer program commencein April 2017! Read more and apply here!