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Gap year programs in Asia, Europe, or Latin America

Are you about to graduate from High School or university? But what about your next chapter in life?  A gap year program is the perfect solution if you want to travel the world and discover a study field of your interest while making friends from all over the world. I’m pretty sure one of Asia Exchange’s or Beyond Abroad’s Gap year study abroad programs are for you. Choose one of the following universities in Asia, Europe, or Latin America. 

Gap year programs in Bali

Spending a gap year in Bali sounds like a dream for many students, but this dream can become reality! The Warmadewa International Program is one of Bali’s most international and affordable gap year study abroad programs. Interactive workshops, excursions, and lectures will teach you professional and personal skills. Additionally, picking up the first Bahasa basics in the mandatory Indonesian language course is one of the highlights for our students. As a result, you can start communicating with locals and diving into the unique Balinese culture!

Besides Warmadewa University, Asia Exchange also offers students the Bali International Program on Asian Studies at Udayana University. This program is for you if you are curious about South-East Asia because you can learn more about the Indonesian language and culture. Also, the BIPAS program teaches you about modern Indonesia, South-East Asia, and Balinese traditions.

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Bali study abroad gap year
Spend a gap year in Bali and live the island dream life

Gap year programs in Thailand

Join our gap year program in Thailandand combine studying with weekend trips to Thailand’s beautiful beaches, mountains, and jungles. The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce offers Bachelor and Master courses in Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Marketing, HRM, Business, and Commerce. A mix of lectures, workshops, cultural trips, and Business Coaching Sessions will teach you new skills in the best way possible!

Gap year programs in China

If you want to get a solid introduction to the Chinese language, culture, and business, spending your gap year in Shanghai may interest you. Our gap year program is for high school and university graduates who want to learn Mandarin Chinese. In addition, you will improve your intercultural communication skills, and boost your professional expertise. Shanghai University lies in the heart of Shanghai. If Shanghai’s surroundings arouse your interest, then you should join the university excursions for international students.

Gap year programs in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh is one of the world’s most rapidly growing metropolitan areas. Our gap year program in Vietnam will teach you modern business courses while you explore Vietnam’s culture and history. Moreover, the program is perfect to grow an international network! Foreign Trade University offers International Business Management, International Finance, Economics, Banking, and Logistic courses. Besides that, you can attend interactive workshops and exciting excursions.

Vietnam city life Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh city is one of the fascinating cities in South East Asia because it is one of the world’s most rapidly growing metropolitan areas worldwide

Gap year programs in South Korea

South Korea is Asia Exchange’s most popular destination. Hanyang University is in the Seoul Capital Area Ansan and offers courses from dozens of fields, including Economics, Business Administration, and engineering. Spend your gap year in Korea, improve your English and Korean skills and meet people from all over the world. Korea won’t disappoint you!

Besides studying in Seoul, Asia Exchange also offers a gap year program at Dong-A University in Busan. Dive deep into Korean culture and live in the number one summer holiday destination in South Korea. Busan is right on the coast and you can explore historic temples. Moreover, pristine beaches surround the city. International students at Dong-A University have plenty of Business and Management courses to choose from!

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If you prefer staying in Europe, we recommend checking out our gap year program in Sardinia! Because our host university Universidade Europeia offers a unique international experience. It prepares you to work anywhere in the world. Moreover, guest lecturers, workshops, and excursions will give an extra dimension to your adventure abroad. Our gap year program in Italy is for students interested in Management, Marketing, Hospitality & Tourism Management, Games & Apps Development, Creative Technologies, or Design Global. Find out in which study fields you’re interested in by joining this gap year program!


Joining our gap year in Dublin is very interesting for students who want to experience living and studying in a young city with a large student population. The American College Dublin is in the top 5 National University Ranking and offers programs based on the best teaching practices and international syllabus. Get to know people from all over the world, expand your knowledge of various topics, and sharpen your English language skills in Dublin. If this sounds appealing to you, a gap year in Ireland is it for you!

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study in Dublin Ireland as gap year student
Joining our gap year in Dublin is very interesting for students who want to experience living and studying in a young city with a large student population

Costa Rica

What do you think about combining Spanish language lessons and some interesting academic courses with experiencing a worry-free lifestyle? Attending our gap year program in Costa Rica makes this possible! Latin American University of Science and Technology is the best private university in Costa Rica and offers fascinating courses from many study fields. The modern campus of ULTACIT is in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Because of the central location, it is easy to explore the diverse country while studying! You will grow as a person by spending a gap year in Costa Rica.

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Joining our gap year program at Cienfuegos Universitywill be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It offers you the unique chance to explore Cuba and study in an exotic environment. Besides offering engineering, social science, and management courses, Cienfuegos University provides international students with two Spanish and four English language courses. The university in Cienfuegos is also known as ‘La Perla del Sur,’ which means ‘The Pearl of the South.’

The most tropical beaches are waiting there for you..!

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