Apply Now for Your Gap Year in South Korea! (Limited Spots Left!)

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Enrolling in a gap year in South Korea is a stimulating experience you should not miss! Learn more about this transformative educational adventure today! 

South Korea is a popular travel destination and a sought-after haven for international students. Its vibrant cities, rich history, and inviting energy make it a desirable place for a gap year program!

You still have the opportunity to spend a gap semester in South Korea during autumn 2024; the application deadline has been extended until June 30! 

Continue reading as we will present: 

  • The advantages of enrolling in a gap year in South Korea
  • How to effectively plan your study abroad journey 
  • The newest and most affordable option for a gap year program in South Korea by Hanyang University ERICA

A Gap Year in South Korea? What to Expect: 

Experience world-class education 

A gap year in South Korea introduces you to the renowned teaching method that produces highly qualified professionals. Expect a teacher-centered approach where qualified instructors have a hands-on role in providing information. 

Options to work part-time or volunteer 

South Korea allows international students to volunteer or work part-time (under certain conditions). In addition to earning, providing service in the country teaches the value of hard work, professionalism, dealing with other nationalities, and other positive traits that benefit one’s future career. 

Create a stimulating immersion 

A gap year program in South Korea is a thrilling experience. You can study and live in a region with the perfect balance of innovations and traditions. You will also profoundly appreciate its people, who showcase modesty, passion, dedication, and other positive features. 

Enjoy a feast of Korean dishes 

South Korean dishes are celebrated globally for their rich flavors, nutritious ingredients, and exciting textures. Enrolling in a gap year in South Korea allows you to experience authentic delicacies in Instagram-worthy restaurants and cafes. 

Live in a secure environment 

The country has impressive safety rankings. This year, South Korea ranks 16th out of 142 countries in Numbeo’s Safety Index. It also places highly in the World Population Review’s Safest Countries in Asia 2024. However, like in other countries, be mindful of scams targeting visitors. 

Live with a high level of convenience 

According to Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index, South Korea is ranked fourth for having the fastest internet connection worldwide. This privilege allows you to connect seamlessly using mobile devices to research references online. 

Additionally, you can access 24/7 convenience stores, mobile payment systems, and advanced public transportation, enhancing your study abroad experience. 

How to plan your gap year in South Korea 

Preparation is the key to making the most of your gap year in South Korea. Below are tips for having the best study abroad experience! 

Set a budget 

The cost of living in South Korea for international students is generally affordable, but your preferences can affect your expenses. If you are on a budget, opt for low-cost options, such as renting shared houses, guesthouses, and hostels. 

Be familiar with customs and traditions 

Learning Korean etiquette is vital before enrolling in a gap year in South Korea. Aside from allowing a pleasant immersion, understanding the country’s customs shows respect to the locals. Here are some basic etiquette to use: 

  • Bow your head to greet elders 
  • Use two hands in handshaking in greeting superiors 
  • Use both hands when giving or receiving anything to show respect 
  • Refrain from speaking loudly in public places 
  • Take off your shoes before entering a traditional guesthouse, a Korean home, and a temple. 

Learn basic Korean phrases 

Although many use English to communicate, learning Korean is essential to improving your stay in the country. Taking Korean language programs or using online apps helps you become familiar with basic to academic-specific phrases. 

Research about your gap year program

Prepare and plan for your gap year in South Korea. Ensure you have complete requirements, including travel health insurance.   

Your best and most affordable option for a gap year in South Korea! 

Hanyang University ERICA Gap Year 

Provided exclusively by Asia Exchange, Hanyang University’s gap year program on the ERICA campus is an enriching academic journey set in the vibrant city of Ansan in the Seoul metropolitan area. Imagine living in a metropolis that ranks as one of the best in the QS Student Cities globally, places 10th in the World’s Best Cities report by Resonance Consultancy, and has received other outstanding recognitions!   

Additionally, Hanyang University ERICA sets a new standard for specialized universities by combining research centers and enterprises for hands-on learning experiences. Its location in Ansan offers a successful model of industry collaborations, specifically cultivating the talents of local and international enrollees.  

In terms of education, Hanyang University ERICA has impressive rankings for its exceptional teaching performance. Some recent notable placings include: 

  • 164th in the QS World University Rankings 
  • 351 – 400 bracket in the Times Higher Education 
  • 316th in the Center for World University Rankings 

With the positive features of both location and learning institution, you are guaranteed a pleasant gap year in South Korea through Hanyang University ERICA! 

Program Overview 


  • Spring (Mar to June) 
  • Autumn (Aug to Dec) 

Tuition fee: 2,650 EUR 

 Study Fields: Business, Economics, Engineering, Public Relations, Physics, and more! 

**The application for the gap year Hanyang University ERICA has been extended until June 30, 2024! Please send your application and complete the requirements today, as we have limited slots!

Apply Now to start your incredible gap year in South Korea! You may also schedule a free Zoom interview for concerns! 

In a nutshell

Taking a gap year in South Korea is an excellent investment in your future. The nation’s remarkable history of rising from war to becoming one of Asia’s economic powerhouse can inspire you to plan, focus on your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and be open to change. 

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