G20 held in Bali – “Recover Together, Recover Stronger”

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The annual G20 conference in Nusa Dua, Bali

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What is the G20? The G20 conference is one of the essential political forums of the year. This year it is held in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia under the theme “Recover Together, Recover Stronger.” The European Union and 19 other countries will talk about important economic issues that affect the whole world. Afterward, topics like international financial stability, climate change, and sustainable development will be discussed. Indonesia has one of the world’s biggest economies around textiles and electrical appliances. In addition, it is the only country representing Southeast Asia in the G20 forum.

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Why is the G20 summit held in Bali, Indonesia?

When the G20 Summit took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on November 21–22, 2020, the appointment of Indonesia as the 2022 G20 Presidency was made public. The handover procession took place at the G20 Summit one year ago in Rome, Italy. Since the G20’s establishment in 1999, Indonesia hasn’t had the honor of hosting the summit.

This week is an important time for Indonesia because it is hosting the G20 this year, providing the ideal platform to inspire other nations to implement their ideas of policies that could spark a global economic rebound. Additionally, Indonesia could profit significantly politically, socially, and economically from the G20 Summit. According to the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, the country’s tourist and creative economy sectors should benefit long-term from the event.

G20 opening ceremony
G20 opening ceremony (December 1, 2021)

Which topics will the countries discuss at the G20?

The Financial Track and Sherpa Track sessions will be this year’s G20’s primary discussion topics. Agriculture, anti-corruption, the digital economy, sustainable energy, investment, employment, health, the environment, development, and trade are just a few of the significant subjects discussed at the Sherpa Track sessions. During this conference, the focus will be on discussing fiscal, tax, and monetary policy. At the Financial Track meeting, six agenda items are the topic: international taxes, digital payment systems, sustainable finance, financial inclusion, and measures to deal with the economic crisis’s psychological toll.

Indonesia for International students

For students, Indonesia as a study abroad destination is an excellent pre-condition to gain experience in a globally important field. Especially with the G20 coming up, Indonesia is moving into global eyesight, and as an Exchange student, you can connect with people and look for new opportunities beneficial for your future. Indonesia is an excellent destination for exchange students to acquire the skills and knowledge they need in today’s competitive and international world. In addition, Indonesia has a growing number of Startups that allow students to take a direct part in innovation and creating new ideas. According to this year’s theme, student mobility also recovered and returned even stronger after the pandemic.

Tuomas Kauppinen, Co-Founder of Asia Exchange and resident in Hong Kong, says: “I have always seen Bali as more than just a holiday destination. This week’s G20 Summit will offer a rare chance for Chinese President Xi Jinping, his US counterpart Joe Biden, and other world leaders to meet in person. Similarly, our young leaders will meet in Bali every semester, Bali being the most popular study destination at Asia Exchange.”


Indonesia, especially Bali, isn’t just about lovely beaches and sunsets. It is a beautiful part of it and magical to look at. However, Bali offers international students the chance to evolve and be part of innovation. You can learn from year-long experiences in big companies or bring your ideas into action as part of a startup. The G20 conference in Bali starts today, so we look forward to its results.

Suasana pembukaan The 2nd Joint Finance and Health Ministers Meeting dalam rangkaian kegiatan Presidensi G20 Indonesia di Bali, Sabtu (12/11/2022). Media Center G20 Indonesia/Akbar Nugroho Gumay/wsj/22.

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