“Bangkok is such a great option for studying and traveling, and it’s affordable!” – Eelis’ exciting study abroad adventure Part 1!  

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“Studying abroad shows that you’re ready to take leaps, you’re prepared to take risks, and you want to do something new. That’s something outstanding to have on your CV.” – Eelis.   

We had a fun interview with Eelis Nilsson, a half-Swedish, half-Finnish student who recently completed a semester abroad at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand, through Asia Exchange.  

He is currently a third-year Industrial Engineering student at Linköping University in Sweden. Because of his compelling experience, he is now a Student Ambassador for Asia Exchange, guiding aspiring learners with their study abroad adventures! Continue reading to learn more about his motivating journey!  

Eelis Nilsson, an Industrial Engineering student at Linköping University from Sweden, studied in Bangkok, Thailand for one semester.

Easy Application Process from Asia Exchange   

Eelis had never been to Asia before but was looking for an affordable place to study and travel easily. After checking Blueberry Education Consultancy and searching for options using Google, he found Asia Exchange, offering budget-friendly tuition fees, impressive assistance, and breathtaking locations.   

How was the application for studying abroad in Asia Exchange?  

I remember we had a personal Zoom meeting with Asia Exchange, which immensely helped with the timeline and deadlines. When we applied, it was quite clear from the emails we got. Then, of course, it’s Thailand, so it was always a bit “you don’t know what’s happening,” but everything is clear once you get there!  

Okay, you’re saying “We.” Sounds like you did not apply alone.   

I went with a friend, which was nice! We didn’t live together or anything like that, but it was nice to have someone to apply with and talk about the next step in the process, preparing for the semester and such.  

Having your friend to study abroad with for a semester sounds like fun! Whose idea was it? 

 At first, we didn’t know we were both planning to study abroad. We happened to have the same plan. But once we talked one night, we realized we both wanted to go to Thailand and apply through Asia Exchange. From that day forward, you started doing everything together, enrolling together and such.  

Eelis enjoyed feasts with the locals, which made his immersion memorable

Complete Immersion at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand  

Asia Exchange offers two destinations in Thailand: Phuket and Bangkok. Eelis chose Bangkok for its central location, vibrant city life, and exciting culture. More importantly, studying in Bangkok is affordable, and traveling around is easy.   

Was there a specific reason for choosing Kasetsart University, or was it more about the location of the university in Bangkok or excellent study options?   

The course options were important. Kasetsart is such a big university, so we had much to choose from. It was easy to find suitable courses. When we got there, we found the course selection even easier. If something didn’t fit, we could change it. Kasetsart University was filled with options and is located in a nice area.  

What courses did you take?  

We took mostly business courses such as business finance and operations management. We also took the Thai course and learned some English. It was a nice combination of studying and holidays. 

You’re studying engineering. How do these courses support your current studies or future career?  

Very well, because we just got the letter that we could compensate for the courses we missed in Sweden with these programs! So we didn’t miss any school. Technically, we still received the same number of points.   

Studying Abroad Experience   

Eelis lived in an apartment close to the campus. School days start with breakfast, often with iced coffee and something to eat. He then heads to the university with other international students. After attending lectures, he spends lunch with friends. In the evening, he eats dinner, goes to the night market, or relax.   

How was the campus life? 

Campus life was good. At campus, we had access to libraries, several options to eat and snack, such as restaurants and cafes. When I got sick, I received free healthcare at Kasetsart University, which was great.  

Many live near the campus, and when you finish classes early, you can go to a building where international students live and hang out. Even people who didn’t live there went to hang around and chat.  

How about the classes?  

The lectures were a little bit longer than at home. If I remember correctly, we had these three-hour lectures with a 15-minute break in the middle. The classrooms were nice, so it didn’t feel that long. But yes, the lectures were longer than at home.  

Difference of studying in Thailand to Sweden  

According to Eelis, studying in Thailand offers flexibility. For example, students have three days off after the mandatory four-day classes, allowing time for travel and exploring the country. Class lectures were relatively the same in Sweden.   

How about the exams?  

During the semester, we had two or at least one exam in our courses. They were quite easy, but they still had to study differently than at home. Then, we had midterm exams halfway through the course and finals at the end of the semester. We studied a bit more for the midterms because we needed to know how the exams were in Thailand. But once you had done those, the finals were nice.  

Unforgettable Experiences  

What were the biggest highlights of the semester for all the students?  

There was this international event at Kasetsart where every country made its food, and there was a fair on campus. Everyone got to know different cultures and try food from other countries. I also enjoyed traveling because you met many international students there and traveled together, which was probably the semester’s highlight.  

I also remember our trip to Koh Tao – the first time we traveled away from Bangkok! It was the first vacation of the semester, and I went with my friend and other international students. After that, we traveled frequently, and those were the highlights!   

Positive Challenges  

Were there any challenges or obstacles during your studies?  

I’d say the visa. It was a constant little thing to remember because you had to renew it if you wanted to travel abroad. To learn everything about Thailand Visa, click HERE

Have you had any challenges adapting to the culture and language in Thailand?  

It’s a challenging language, but adapting to Thai life was easy. Maybe it’s hard to adjust, but it was such a welcoming feeling anywhere you went, so I didn’t feel any obstacles or troubles.   

Please name one thing that summarizes your whole experience or one moment during your semester abroad.  

The freedom of exploring and traveling! I felt another level of freedom in Bangkok and traveling the country! We had friends studying in Singapore, and they would come here to visit. We didn’t even have a plan, but Bangkok has lovely beaches, good food, and more!  

On Being an Asia Exchange Ambassador  

Heading to his semester abroad, Eelis was introduced to the Asia Exchange Ambassador Program. Ambassadors are students and alumni who share their firsthand experiences with students interested in studying abroad. He became an ambassador during his semester abroad and has ever since inspired and helped other students turn their study abroad dreams into actions. Eelis’s impressive ambassadorial performance made him a top referrer for other students who wanted to enroll in Bangkok.   

“My friend and I talked to many people about our experiences in Thailand. We also posted it and kept people informed about the country”.   

To learn more about his exciting life as a student ambassador, visit our Blog Section.    

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