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Did you ever wonder want to visit Phuket but you only had a week to explore this beautiful Island? Good news we created a list of activities everyone can do in 5 days. If you are interested to study here you can also Read more here.

Similan Islands areliterally a paradise on earth

Day 1

On your first day you can visit Phang Nga bay. You can rent a kayak and paddle through the Hongs of Phang Nga. Discover the Flora and Fauna in the “caves” and see the breathtaking scenery with the famous limestone cliffs. When you finish kayaking you can takea good lunch break at Koh Panyee, the water village built on stilts ,and stroll through the village to see how the villagers live there.

After the water village you couldhead over toSamet Nangshe. In Samet Nangsheyou can trek to the top of the hill to get a stunning view over Phang Nga Bay. Samet Nangshe viewpoint is definitely recommendedfor watching the sunset. Be sure you don’t miss this chance.

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Kayak through the Hongs of Phang Nga Bay and discover the wildlife and fauna inside and outside the caves.

Day 2

Make sure you book your speedboat to Similan Islands located in Andaman Sea in advance! Similan Islands areliterally a paradise on earth with their world famous diving spots and blue clear water, and the endless beaches with white sand. The biggest of the island is Koh Similan – start your adventure from here. If you like diving then you are in the right place because you can spot a variety of different sea mammals from Manta Rays to Whale sharks, plants and amazing coral reefs of all colors of the spectrum here. After diving, you can kick backon the beach catching some sun rays and take a dip in the clear water of Koh Similan. Stay here for one night but remember to book the accommodation prior to getting to the island as the options are limited.

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Lay on the beach, snorkel and swim in the clear blue waters of Koh Similan.

Day 3

Tired of the beach now? Leave Similan Islands and head to FantaSea show. It is the Phuket island’s biggest show and showcases Thailand’s culture and is also inspired by Thai traditions. There are trapeze artists, performing elephants and other animals, illusions, stunts and acrobatics all together make up a great fantasy show mixed with tradition. They also have one of the biggest buffets in Asia (about 4000 seats) offering Thai and international cuisines. A carnival village with games to play and a lot of shopping opportunities will impress and entertain you and your friends and family if you’re not traveling solo.

Watch the amazing FantaSea show: It combines Thai culture, tradition, and fantasy into one amazing spectacle.

Day 4

To see what slightly NSFW disctrict filled with cabaret shows of all sorts is, spend a long day at Patong Beach and Bangla Road. During the day you can do many water sports at Patong Beach and have a nice thai massage and relax. When the sun sets,  that’s when Bangla Road comes to life. Stroll through here with an open-mind and a sense of humor and see how the nightlife is with ladyboys, exotic girls and westerners form old to young. Have some fun in the nightclubs here or just enjoy people watching the crowd of “diversity”. You still have a day 5 coming, so make sure you don’t stay up too late, and drink a bottle of water before going to bed.

Do some water sports at Patong Beach or enjoy a nice massage on the beach.

Day 5

It is your last day of the 5-day itinerary,so you need to see some wats and culture of Thailand. Wat Chalong is Phuket’s most important temple to visit. It holds an interesting history and is decorated very beautifully. Make sure to dress respectfully and cover shoulders and knees!

While you are here be sure to also visit The Big Buddha on top of Nakkerd Hills between Chalong and Kata. It can be seen from far away and when you are on top of the 45 meters high hill you will have a 360-degree panorama view of Phuket. It is worth seeing especially during sunset you will have an amazing view!

Walk up to Big Buddha and enjoy a great 360-view just like the huge buddha statue made out of marble does every day.

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